Cannabis use is almost everywhere and CBD has managed to get a strong following. While the incredible health benefits have been quite convincing and captures a huge market, its use in the pet industry has been a revolutionary step as well. Pet owners are excited to know how this plant can improve their pet’s health, aid them in coping with an ailment or treat chronic conditions. From treats to shampoos, there is so much possibility when it comes to using CBD for your pet in subtle and efficient ways. Read more about CBD on cbdclincals.

CBD is a powerful cannabinoid of the cannabis plant that can help treat chronic pain and seizure disorders in your pet. It can cure digestive and bowel issues, improve their appetite, provide ideal nutrition requirements, and offer an energy boost to stay active throughout the day. It can also ease nausea and vomiting (due to several factors), reduce anxiety, stress, and depression, cure insomnia, or restlessness. All these benefits have drawn pet owners to try a little bit of CBD for their pet to keep them happy and healthy.

An important point to keep in mind about CBD is although it is natural, it doesn’t mean it will suit everyone or everyone’s pet. This is easily available with discounts on CBD edibles online. It has different effects on every user, and the compound may or may not bond well with your pet’s body. If you would like to use this compound for your pet, then watch out for these seven signs that indicate it may not be suitable for your furry one. 

1. Low Blood Pressure

Low blood pressure is one of the most common symptoms visible in pets and could indicate resistance to CBD oil. The interaction of CBD oil with the body is known to improve heart health and reduce blood pressure. Yet sometimes the effects can be intense for your pet that they have a sudden drop in their blood pressure levels, which could be a problem. If your pet starts to walk weird or is unable to stand, run and looks clumsy, then chances are they are suffering from low blood pressure. This type of light-headedness could occur in your pet post ingesting CBD oil, and it could make them very uncomfortable.

Low blood pressure can occur due to a variety of other reasons, including any sudden shock such as noise, injury, or even dehydration. Remember to analyze what the cause could be. Make your pet feel comfortable and give them some water and let them rest for a while. The pressure levels will get back to normal in a while. In case your pet has been diagnosed with any previous chronic health condition such as kidney, heart, or liver diseases, then a visit to your veterinarian is a good idea. Try to use the best CBD for your beloved pets to ensure any synthetics or additives from the product does not affect their health.

2.Diarrhea and Vomiting

One of the most common side effects of CBD on your pet is an upset stomach. Pets tend to have a sensitive stomach and using new products initially might cause some common problems such as diarrhea. Also, many pets tend to chew on almost everything they see, and diarrhea might also be a side effect of consuming something odd. If your pet continues to suffer from the problem even after two – three doses of CBD, then it indicates they might be sensitive or allergic to it.

The best way to find out if diarrhea is CBD related is to place your pet on a strict diet while administering the dosage. It helps you understand if they can properly digest the compound well. If they still suffer from diarrhea or vomiting post consuming CBD, it is best to avoid it altogether. Make sure your pet consumes enough water to avoid dehydration due to diarrhea or vomiting during this period. Also, analyze the ingredients of the CBD product used to understand if there could be any other allergic component that might lead to this response. Sometimes a heavy dosage may also cause such digestive issues.  Make sure you give a minimum test dosage to your pet before you begin using it regularly.

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3.Drowsiness or Lethargy

As a pet owner, you’re aware of your pet’s natural energy levels at different times of the day. If your pet seems too tired, lethargic to move or play, or drowsy all day, it might be a sign to stop using CBD. It has an incredible relaxing property that enables pets to ease through anxiety or panic attacks due to separation, firecrackers, travel, and pain. In some cases, owners observe that their pet is too sleepy or tired all the time due to the CBD dose, which cannot be normal. Many of the pet owners also use CBD gummies for sleep in Europe.

It’s possible to access how long your pet might be asleep based on the dosage used. However, their behavior needs to return to normal when they wake up. If you feel your pet is not active or eating properly post a rest period, it’s possible that either the dosage is too heavy for the size of your pet, or they might not be reacting well to the compound. High doses of CBD can make sure your pet remains calm and relaxed in a stressful situation. It can have a heavy impact on the body and lead to weight gain. Additionally, your pet may feel too lazy to perform normal activities all day, which is not a good sign.

4. Itchiness and Inflammation

An allergic reaction to CBD could lead to itchiness, rashes, or bumps on their skin.  This is especially possible if they were using CBD-infused products such as shampoo, creams, or other choices for their fur or skin. Although CBD is known to curb inflammation and reduce the response of the endocannabinoid system to allergic reactions in the human body, sometimes your pet may be sensitive to such a response from the compound. The symptoms usually wear off once you stop using the product. You can also consult your veterinarian in the event the symptoms persist.

Before using CBD products for your pet, start by testing it in a small patch of their skin to determine if it suits them. If you find any odd allergic reactions such as itchiness, stop using the product. Some of the additives in many pet products could also be the reason behind an allergic reaction in your pet. Try to evaluate the ingredients of the for any allergic substances before you decide to continue or eliminate CBD usage.  You can try ingestible CBD products as opposed to an external application to see if your pet responds differently.

5. Dry Mouth

Saliva is essential for the health of your pet. It contributes to maintaining good dental hygiene and enables them to swallow their food. Lack of saliva can lead to bad dental health, bad breath, as well as pain while swallowing their food. One of the most common side effects of using cannabis or CBD products is dry mouth. It can be an uncomfortable experience for your pet as the lack of saliva will increase their urge to consume water more often. It will also cause them to feel tired or worn out.

If you notice that your pet is suffering from a dry mouth post consuming CBD, you might need to work on the dosage in the first place. A heavy dose of CBD often dries out their mouth and makes them thirstier. If reducing the dosage is not effective in curbing the issue, it is better to stop using CBD for your pet.

Dry Mouth

Remember, it’s very common for your pet to have dry mouth post-CBD consumption and is usually not something to worry about. If you feel there is very little saliva production that is making your pet tired or anxious, consult your veterinarian. Try to give them as much water as possible to make sure they recover easily. You can also increase their dental cleanup routine to improve dental wellness.


Epidiolex is a CBD-based, FDA-approved drug to treat certain forms of epilepsy in humans. The clinical trials with animals have also shown positive results in controlling the tremors and reducing the frequency and intensity of the occurrence. Yet, a critical parameter that determines the efficiency of CBD to treat tremors is the dosage. Some human trials have shown that high doses of CBD could increase the intensity of tremors. Similar effects are extendable to pets, where a pre-existing condition could become worse with a high dose of CBD.

7.Urinary incontinence

Loss of bladder control, especially in young and well-trained pets, can also be a sign of a heavy CBD dosage. Although this is very uncommon, it could have severe effects on your pet’s overall wellness. It’s necessary to stick to the right dosage levels of CBD products and observe if the symptoms disappear. If not, consult your veterinarian to understand how to treat the problem. 

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Understand the possibilities of Drug Inhibitions

Before you evaluate the signs mentioned above, it’s necessary to understand the possibility of drug inhibitions, which may also trigger any such signs in your pet. CBD is known to interact with drugs broken down in your liver. If your pet is in between a dose of any drug, the possibility of a drug interaction triggering such responses is very likely. Consult your veterinarian and discuss the usage of CBD oil for your pet. If you are working with medication for a certain condition, then you must talk to the doctor about including CBD in your pet’s diet to avoid any side effects from using both.

CBD interacts differently with each body, and the extent of its efficiency to treat any ailment also differs.  If you feel like your pet is not responding well to the CBD product you are using, it is best to avoid using it any further.

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