Nowadays, an air purifier has become a basic need for many of us because of the presence of allergens and pollutants. In metropolitan cities, the pollution is increasing rapidly, and it is hard to breathe. The air is becoming toxic and inappropriate for us to breathe and live. Instead of breathing contaminated air, it is better to install an air purifier at your house. You must invest your money in the right product. 

HisoAir offers the best air purifiers to improve the quality of air that you are breathing. Due to pollution, we get ill and then rush to the hospital. It is better to buy a device that can help in purifying the air you breathe. You can get plenty of purifiers from different brands, but it is challenging to find the best one. In the following write-up, we will discuss a few things you should consider when purchasing an air purifier. 

1. Different Types of Filters

Every air purifier comes with different filters, and it is necessary to have enough knowledge about them. Consider various types and know which one is the best for you. 

  • Pre-filters: This filter helps in removing large particles like pet hair, dirt chunks, etc. It is considered the primary stage of the filtration process. If you have pets in your house, you may need such a filter in your purifier. 
  • True HEPA: It helps in filtering various allergens such as mold spores, pollen, etc. Any particle of size less than 0.3 microns can get filtered with it. You have to change the filter at a specific time. The larger the size, the more it will remove the particles. Depending on the performance of the purifier, the construction of this filter determines. 
  • UV: It helps in purifying the air and makes it capable of breathing. With the help of this filter, there will be no risk of airborne infections. It is preferred in labs, hospitals, schools, etc. 
  • Activated Carbon: It is used with other filters to absorb the gases and odors. The filter neutralizes strong smells and fumes. Over time, you have to remove it to get fresh air.
  • PCO: The Photocatalytic Oxidation filter is available with titanium dioxide, and it can filter minute particles less than 0.1 microns. 
  • Antibacterial: It helps in killing germs and bacteria. 

2. ACH

It stands for Air Change Rate every hour of an air purifier. It means the number of times the air purifier filters your room in one hour. It is necessary to consider this rate to determine the filtration process. 

The rate must be good enough to clean your house by killing germs and removing pollutants. In many countries, people use masks to protect themselves from germs, dirt, fumes, pollution, etc. Hisomedical provides high-quality masks, and one can buy them in bulk. When you install the purifier, there will be no need to wear the masks. 

3. Size of the Room

You have to check the size of your room before you buy the air purifier. For large rooms, you have to purchase large purifiers with large filters. Ensure that the device must perform well whenever you operate it. The size of the room matters a lot while buying the machine. 

You must purchase a slightly bigger size than your room. Make sure that it makes less noise and does not disturb your sleep. If you are keeping it in your living room, then it must have variable settings. You can change the performance of the device as per your requirements.  

4. Warranty

Check the warranty status of the air purifier before you buy one. Suppose you purchase one and it works differently than usual, then you must complain to the customer service. Check the replacement policy and replace it in case of any damage. 

The warranty period should be long to recover all the manufacturing defects. The customer service must be good enough that it responds whenever you need their help. Make sure that you check the warranty and customer services of the product. 

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5. CADR Ratings

It is a speed setting that determines the amount of purified air at its maximum level. High ratings mean the airflow and efficiency to remove particles are high. Before you purchase the device, ensure that you check the CADR ratings. The higher the rating, the higher is the efficiency of the air purifier.  

6. Consider the Features

Different air purifiers are available with variant features. The expensive one comes with various better features that you may not be able to afford. Therefore, you have to check your budget and buy the device. You will get all the standard features in the basic model of every brand. You can consider features like speed settings, remote controls, Wi-Fi, mobility handles, etc.  

7. Requirement of Maintenance

You have to spend a lot of money on the maintenance of the air purifiers. But some devices are available with less maintenance. You must always go for such a device because you can save a lot of money. The primary thing in maintaining the device is changing the filters. You have to observe the requirement of changing the filters for better performance of the device. In this way, you can calculate the exact amount you have to spend on maintenance.  

The Bottom Line 

The air purifier is an essential device to buy for cleaning the air you breathe. Nowadays, the air has become toxic, and it is a massive challenge to survive the contaminants around you. With the advancement in technology, it is possible to get fresh air after purifying the polluted one. When you search for such a device, you will get plenty of options.

But the challenge is to purchase the best one for your home or workplace. Consider all the mentioned factors and compare different devices. It is necessary to invest your money in the right purifier. These factors can help you purchase the desired and perfect air purifier. Take care of your health by purifying the contaminated air around you.


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