We express ourselves via our clothes. Nowadays, everyone can become a fashion designer. Current technology allows us to create every single part of the garderobe on your own. When you decide to design your first  printed t-shirt, you need to familiarize yourself with a few basic rules. We are going to show you tips which will make your self-made clothes look great!

#1 Choose the right color

When you decide to design clothes on your own, you need to think about the color you want to use. Choosing the right color is one of the most important things you have to keep in mind during the creation process. The most popular colors are white and black. If you decide to make your t-shirt white, you won’t be able to put any bright letters and images on your piece of clothing. When you create clothes for someone as a gift, think if this person likes the chosen color.

#2 Sizing

The right size makes your clothes look more attractive. See the sizes of the clothes and fit them to your dimensions. If you like oversized clothes, you can choose a larger size. However, you need to be careful with it, oversized t-shirts and hoodies might make you look shorter. Similar to the first point about choosing the right color, if you want to design clothes as a gift – know the size of the person who will receive it to avoid an unpleasant situation.

#3 Images

If you want to have an image on your shirt, you need to meet a few rules to make it look decent. First of all, the picture must be of very high quality. To achieve this, we recommend using images in vector file formats like SVG, PDF, AI, EPS. Another great advantage of putting the vector format image on your shirt is the fact that you can scale it up and down without losing quality.

Try to use copyright-free images; it is not okay to use someone’s work without permission. You can also create your own graphic. It will make your clothes look unique.

Keep in mind that the colors of the graphics can’t be the same as t-shirt colors. The graphic will be not visible when the details will blend with the base color of clothes. The contrast will make every detail of the picture visible.

#4 Fonts and Text

When choosing the font, keep in mind that it should be readable.. You need to think about the size of the font when you want to connect it with graphics.

Think carefully about the text on your clothes. It should not be offensive.Unless this is your goal, but be ready for the consequences. Moreover, try to be original if you want to look unique – avoid using popular quotes that everyone knows.

#5 Placement

Decide where you want to put your graphic on clothes. While designing it, try all possible ways to find the best spot. Keep the graphic related to the text, avoid putting large graphics on the front and back of the clothes at the same time – it will be looking overcrowded. Keep the balance.

#6 Look for inspiration

If you want o be creative but lack ideas, go on Instagram or Pinterest and find out how others are doing it. But don’t copy other people’s ideas – find out your specific design. Try to mix several styles, experiment with ideas, and start adding unique details to express yourself. Remember, when you are designing clothes for yourself don’t go too crazy – it’s good to feel comfortable with what you are wearing

#7 Be Creative!

You want to create something which is 100% YOURS, don’t limit yourself to the well-worn schemes. Express yourself within your project. You can print whatever you want on your T-shirt. Don’t look at others when you are designing clothes for yourself. The most important is for you to be happy with what you have done – everything is in your hands. You can choose if you want to keep it minimalistic or full of colorful details.

Remember that the first try is always the hardest. If you don’t like it, you can always review the result  and improve your fashion designing skills. You can ask your friends for feedback and suggestions about what you should do better in the next project. We hope you will be able to make better clothes with our tips, don’t hesitate and start to think about your first design.

I am a freelance writer and a licensed attorney with a degree in psychology. I live in Brooklyn, NY and base much of my writing content on my experiences in New York City and as a blogger. I’ve written for several publications and my writing niches include pop culture, fashion, book and music reviews, and social justice. I am a stickler for grammar, spelling, and sentence structure and strive to fulfill my clients’ requests in the best, most efficient way possible.
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