Eyes are the first thing that over 90% of people would notice on your face. This is also a feature that grabs your eyeballs when you see someone. Apart from dramatic ball gowns and fascinating stories, eyes are also a major reason why you love your childhood princesses. The right eye makeup can instantly enhance the charm of your entire look and make all the eyes stuck on you. You can buy eye makeup from Synergie Skin to ensure quality products that would make your eyes more glamorous and youthful.

If you do not have time or convenience to visit a parlor, here are some makeup tips to proliferate your eye’s appeal and charisma.

Use eyeshadow to highlight

Just like you highlight your face, highlighting eyes is also necessary to make them look bigger. Nothing works better than eyeshadow to make your eyes larger and more magnetic. Using eyeshadow under the arch of the eyebrows, on the inner eye corner, and on the eyelid’s center can do wonders. White and light ivory are some amazing shades for this purpose.

Create contours

Contouring eyes not only gives them a larger look but also gives your eyes a definition. Contoured eyes are more captivating and pivotal on your face. You can use a darker brown shade eyeshadow. Apply it above the crease of your eyes and drag it outward and upward to create a smoky eye look.

Avoid overlining

Completely surrounding your eye with a dark liner is too school-girlish. Unlike popular opinion, putting dark eyeliner around the eye can actually make it look smaller. You should use eyeliner on either the upper or lower eyelashes. If you still feel the need for more, you can use eyeshadow on the other eyelash to make your eyes look larger.

Use the ¾ rule

Your eyes are often wider on the outside and narrow on the inside. The ¾ rule uses this fact to make your eyes highlight your eyes. The rule says you should use the eyeliner only on the outer 3/4th part of your lash line. This helps to capture the attention of the wider part of the eyes and make them look bigger.

Go glam with neutral

Most people choose darker shades to highlight their eyes. However, the fact is, lighter and neutral shades are your best friends when it comes to making your eyes look bigger. A simple way to create this illusion is to put neutral shades of brown on your eyelid.

A more drama with mascara

Mascara makes your eye makeup complete. You can start with a lash primer to add some volume and length to your eyes. Put a mascara of your choice on the top of the primer to add more drama and create a wide-awake look. You can also apply multiple coats of mascara if you want an over-the-top look.

Avoid dark shades on waterlines

While most people would just you otherwise, but using a dark shade liner on your waterlines can make them look shrink. The perfect idea would be using a nude shade or white eyeliner instead.


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