Personalizing your cloths is a trend. Although nothing differs the trends from our grandmothers made embroidery of lace on sweaters and our mothers sew the school bag. Right now, such customization and personalization have a greater impact on clothing. Perhaps, it is because more fun to go out with something that describes the personality. Another reason could be that we want to distinguish ourselves with something different. Even you can consider iron on clothing labels. The truth of the matter is that we are living in a Personalized World and we must learn to take full advantage of this fashion. 

The need to customize clothes

The fashion industry has given space to add whatever you want to on your cloths. Commonly, you see someone wearing the same shirt or pants that we have in the closet. Immediately you would feel to discard that garment from your closet.

Perhaps, many people have the same taste of clothing and sense of dressing. It doesn’t mean that you reject your favorite garment. It is also a matter of fact that current designers follow trends and are not generators of it. This situation can be seen anywhere in the world.

What does this have to do with clothing customization? Too much. In fact, we believe that there are some designers and companies that have understood this need and working on offering something different. This would enable you to look different with respect to fashion and wear custom garments.

Unique designs for each person

When it comes to your personality, customizing clothes is an important aspect of trend and is an undeniable fact. It is not only about offering outfits that go in harmony with the personality of each person. However, the customization and wearing unique designs distinguish yourself from the rest.

A proof of what we are saying is to place in the search engines “customize clothes”. For example you can have the flawless fusion of faith and fashion with premium Jesus-themed T-Shirts designed on for both men and women. You will see that many ideas, proposals, and creations come out regarding the trend that we are talking about. Moreover, the life 2.0 that we are observing in our surroundings at this time has some tradition. With the era of globalization, many things become fashionable and people follow them.

A different proposal for dressing

A good reason for personalizing your clothes is the trend. You should try something different to your wearing style. This goes with wearing t-shirts and pants with different styles. Even this proposal has come so far, that companies and large corporations are improving their customization criteria. The companies often offer their designers to think beyond fashion to reach the next level of the trend.

Have you personalized your clothes? What presses do you think is important to make unique? Share with us your opinion.

Would you like to design your own sweatshirt? Or yours personal t-shirt? Then you should definitely keep on reading this article. Here you will find out about the latest options for creating your textile masterpiece!

Following are the 7 ways you can personalize your clothes:

1- Personalized print option

You can also have an option of personalized clothing printed. For example, you can ask for a variety of new designs and prints from your designer. Designers have a variety of new options like, available at oo yoo even for your kids. These options will help you make your product’s design even more original and unique.

2- Change Buttons

The buttons of your dresses are small components. You might think that it does not matter in dressing style. However, it not the least you must be thinking of. It gives your dress a new and charming look. You should better try to replace them with unique pieces.

You can find a variety of buttons in vintage or DIY craft stores in your nearby market. Get the pieces you like, ask your designer or tailor to replace them. You also do it yourself and it would take hardy an hour.

3- Create your own clothes

First of all, maybe you are not super creative or you do not have time to think long about your design? Personalized clothing doesn’t have to be complicated. Thanks to the designer’s templates around the internet. Take a look at the designs on the internet, and send the picture of your selected design t your designer. You will find suitable designs for almost every occasion.

4- Patch Up your clothes

If you are living somewhere where the weather remains cooler, you would wear jeans most of the time. It would become your routine. You may begin to fray or rip it to give it unkempt look. If you patch up your jeans, you would save money and time for an outlet visit. Also, this would work fabulously. What’s more is you can select the design and the size of the patch depending on your preference.

During the addition of patches, ensure to make them extra sturdy, you can add a canvas layer at the back of the fabric. After that, you just need to stitch the edges with voila.

It makes more sense to add different colors to give a sparkling look to your jeans. Besides, if you want a more overwhelming look of your jacket or jeans, you also make customized name patches and give it a new style.

5- Personalize with different symbols

If you have something special in mind and you would like to experiment with your own design, you can do it. Use the keyword “Create your clothing with your own design”. You would find several results. Take an overview of all textiles that can be personalized with symbols, text, and printed images. Select your product and find out how to turn it into a work of art. You can ask designers for the same.

6- Add text

In the past years, you could only personalize clothes with a given design standard. You can now decide where you want to place your photos and text. This means that you can also create a design with just text.

7- Cut to make a new look

If you have a mid-length dress or a maxi, you can cut it to give it a new look. Turn this dress into an above-the-knee dress. You can do this using a scissor, just trim its bottom. You can also do it with your regular shirts. This is a unique technique to consider. Just turn your dress into cropped tops.

If you own many jeans and you do not have any idea how to give them a new look, you can also cut them into denim shorts. You would just need a scissor to cut it off. Keep in mind, in case after the cutting, the bottom is still uneven, you can fold the bottom and sew them. This technique would give it a more polishing look.


Paying extra attention to your dressing is very important. It includes designing with DIY and stays conscious about what your friend and colleagues would think about your dressing. You really need time to make it creative and finish your craft. You should never hesitate in doing so. Move ahead and personalize your clothes. This could be a very satisfying activity.