Technology evolves through time, and CCTV monitoring systems are no different. Cameras are no longer stationary; they can be moved sideways or panned in to get a better view of the image. 

But besides this camera functionality, there are other ways you can maximize the upgraded services of CCTV monitoring companies. Here are seven ways of how your business can take advantage of the services provided by monitoring companies for CCTV.

Choose Your Camera

You have options for CCTV cameras. Night surveillance cameras have dark light technology that captures high-resolution images even under low-light conditions. This type of CCTV camera works best for establishments operating 24 hours a day. 

ANPR or LR cameras can read registration plates, perfect for monitoring facilities with high vehicle traffic. Dome cameras with night vision capability leave passersby guessing as to where the focus is directed. 

Talk to a CCTV company today and see what type of camera best suits your business or residential needs.

Integrated Fire Monitoring System

Fires are destructive not only to company property but more critically to the lives of the people. Nowadays, you can choose to upgrade your CCTV monitoring system with an integrated fire monitoring system.  

It allows you to detect fire timely and put it off conveniently. This technology saves you time, money, and effort while safeguarding the interest of your business and workers.

Integrated Access Control System

Some industries require strict monitoring of foot traffic, even inside the company premises. For instance, in hospitals and clinics where infections can thrive, movements of staff, patients, and visitors need to be closely monitored. 

A convenient way of monitoring traffic is through integrated video surveillance and access control systems. The technology allows you to isolate a section of the building remotely as soon as you notice people violating hygiene protocols. Talk to CCTV monitoring companies today about access controls.

Integrated Inventory Monitoring System

In logistics and retail industries, inventory management is critical. One misplaced cargo can cost the company thousands. You cannot afford to be complacent. You can hire as many people as possible to monitor the ins and outs of your warehouse, but as always, human intervention has its limitations. 

Invest in full inventory protection, invest in CCTV monitoring systems with integrated inventory management software. You can ask your CCTV company today on how they can help you with your inventory needs.

Remote Customer Services

Monitoring comes with a price. But nowadays, video surveillance systems are must-haves. The good news is that you have cost-effective solutions for company security nowadays. 

Companies can install, maintain, and monitor activities for you, so you do not have to invest in the additional workforce or operational costs. You can receive real-time alerts for your immediate resolution. You can also maximize remote customer services by granting them the authority to resolve manageable incidents. 

For example, you can delegate repairs of technical errors to them, so your staff can concentrate on major business decisions or day-to-day store operations. Find a CCTV monitoring company near you and inquire how their remote customer service team can help protect business interests.

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Scalable Coverage

Your business grows over time, and along with this expansion is the added responsibility of safeguarding the business against increased security risk. Since the cost of switching security protection providers is high, you are wise to consider expansion plans when hiring for the services of a CCTV monitoring company. 

It is advisable to ask in advance if the company’s system is scalable in terms of the number of users, camera units, and features. Always consider the long-term benefits of a strategic partner. You do not want to spend cheaply today, only to find out that the company cannot keep up with your heightened operations.

Emergency Response

CCTV monitoring companies allow custom solutions and cater to client requests for emergency responses. While you may have your team take care of the other details, you can at least delegate a part of your emergency response protocol to a third party. 

You can assign alert-and-contact protocols for minor incidents or automatic lockdowns for access violations. You can even request for the activation of backup cameras in the event of major incidents like heists. 

Indeed, you have plenty of ways to maximize CCTV monitoring systems nowadays. Human resources professionals even recommend using video surveillance to track, prevent, and resolve employment-related problems while respecting the bounds of employee-employer confidentiality. 

Contact your CCTV provider and check how your existing video surveillance system can be embedded with productivity measures or any of the above benefits.

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