When running a business for the first time, you may encounter many different challenges in 2021, but concerns about money are the highest among most business owners. While there are many ways to re-evaluate your business financially by changing operational processes, there are simple things you can do to improve your financial situation in day-to-day business management.

After completing the company’s Finance Training courses, people need to have a deeper insight into the company’s financial condition, funding sources, and financial goals. It allows all employees to realize the main reasons behind many business decisions.

These tips are daily practical actions you can take to handle your funds more effectively in 2021.

1. Keep digital copies of receipts.

You may have heard of the importance of keeping paper records of all transactions. Well, as we now live in the digital age, it’s time to get rid of paper. Please don’t throw away receipts and keep them long enough to scan them on your phone or computer and create digital copies for modern, seamless accounting processing.

Manually scanning each receipt may seem tedious, but several systems make it easy and straightforward for you to accomplish this task. Some of these tools consist of:

  • Wave Accounting
  • Expensify
  • Quickbooks Online
  • Evernote
  • Expensify
  • Smart Receipts

Modernize and simplify bookkeeping tasks by maintaining a digital ledger of transactions for all small businesses. It reduces errors, keeps you organized, and saves validation time.

2. Avoid cash payments where possible.

For many years, people have said that “money is king.” Cash in business transactions is more likely to cause mistakes and costly errors in the financial system. If all or the majority of the transactions are cash transactions, it may be tough to know the business’s turnover precisely. By applying a digital payment system and facilitating digital payments between customers, not only can the financial monitoring process be simplified, but it can significantly modernize the bookkeeping department.

3. Pay yourself

If you run a small business, you can quickly try to put everything into your daily work. After all, these additional funds usually help a lot in the development of your business. Alexander Lowry, a professor and director of science at Gordon University’s Financial Analysis Program, said small business holders should not ignore their role in the company and should be rewarded accordingly. You need to make sure your business and personal finances are in good shape.

He said, “Many small business owners neglect to pay themselves, mainly in the beginning.” “They think it’s more valuable to start a business and pay everyone else. But if the company can’t work, you won’t pay for yourself. You’re part of the company, and you have to pay yourself as much as you pay others.

4. Invest in growth

Moreover, paying for yourself is crucial to secure money and look for growth chances. That can permit your business to flourish and move in the direction of sound finances. Chief Financial Officer of Tobias Financial Advisors, Edgar Collado, said financiers should always pay attention to the future.

He states: “SMEs want to keep developing, innovating, and attracting the best employees, which shows that they are ready to invest in the future.” “Consumers will welcome an ever-growing number of services. Employees value your work in the company. Compared to spending all your profits on personal matters, you will ultimately create more value in your business.”

5. Keep good business credit.

As your business grows, you may want to buy more commercial real estate, buy more insurance policies, and increase loans to facilitate all of these activities. Due to its bad reputation, it may be more challenging to get approval for all of these transactions and acquisitions. Please repay all debt funds as soon as possible to maintain your reputation. For example, make sure your business credit card balance does not exceed a few weeks. Likewise, do not take out a loan at unaffordable interest rates. Look for only funds that can repay quickly and easily.

6. Set up good financial habits

The process of establishing an internal financial contract is straightforward. It takes some time to view and update financial information, but it can provide significant protection for your company’s financial position. Keeping up with your financial situation can help you diminish fraud and risk.

Collado said: “As small businesses, we usually run out of time, money, and technology, but this does not prevent small business owners from applying any internal controls.” “This is particularly essential if you have employees. Fragile internal controls can lead to employee fraud and theft, causing legal problems if you or your employees do not comply with certain laws.”

7. Don’t mix business and personal expenses.

There are several reasons not to mix business and personal accounts, such as tax issues, personal responsibility, and messy accounting documents, to name a few. When the situation gets tough, avoid the urge to use private funds to protect your business finances, as this will indeed confuse you, and you will have to deal with it later.

The best way to make a clear distinction between expenses is to set a personal and business budget. Observe them strictly and separately to avoid using the credit cards and loans used for your business for your finances, and vice versa. Your accountant and bookkeeper will thank you for managing the books and not causing money problems when paying taxes.

8. Focus on expenditures but also ROI

By measuring your expenses and return on investment, you can clearly understand which investments make sense and which ones are not valuable for continuing. CEO of My Corporation, Deborah Sweeney, said small business holders need to be careful where their money is being spent.

She said: “Pay attention to the return on investment that each expense entails.” “If you do not, you could suffer losses due to unimportant expenses or bad expenditures. Where do you spend your hard-earned dollars, and how will your investment pay off? Know what you are doing. If there is no gain, cut back and dedicate some time that works for you and your company “.


With today’s business environment transforming and becoming more dependent on technology is vital to keep up with the latest best procedures. We support financial management in 2021 by recognizing the importance of incorporating modern and innovative technologies into our business.

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