Your business might have a reason or two why you need reliable package-tracking apps for your business, and this could be the following:

  • Your business deals with confidential documents that can’t afford to be mishandled
  • Your business handles large shipments
  • Your customers need to have real-time updates of their goods

With all these reasons and more, by-the-minute tracking and safety of goods would become another vital part of your business, and for your business growth, these values can not be compromised.

Looking at some tracking apps that can guarantee the smooth running of your business, here are the top 8 picks with outstanding features for any business type.

#1. Parcel Arrive

Parcel Arrive is an all-in-one automated package tracking app that has solved the issue businesses face when keeping tab with international delivery companies who are making shipping to local couriers.

With an interface for managing orders, you can keep tab with your orders, view the history of your tracking events, the current location of orders in real-time, and also a link to your courier’s website.

One of the ultra-modern features provided by Parcel Arrive is the in-built algorithm that can forecast delivery time. This is one of the most outstanding features that big and small enterprises want in a package tracking application.

Other features from Parcel Arrive

  • Ability to track orders from 500 courier services
  • Order tracking across 200 countries

Pricing: Free to use

#2. 17Track

Recently, 17Track became one of the most downloaded tracking apps in the world. This Swedish company boasts of over 1,203,407,068 successfully tracked numbers and has the built-in ability to track 220 shipping couriers at the same time, and the ability to add up to 10 tracking numbers at a time.

Its unique features cover the following:

  • a multi-lingual widget translator for more than 30 languages for users in non-English speaking countries.
  • Barcode / QR code scanner.
  • Notifications upon changes in delivery status
  • Carrier autodetection
  • Compatibility with both iOS and Android devices

Soon-to-be included in 17Tack as one of the prime features of the app is the 17Track deals site, where your customers can pick from carefully chosen merchants. With this feature, your customers can find great deals from trusted merchants.

Pricing: 17Track is 100% free. Though there is a limitation to the number of packages you can track for free.

It will cost $0.00 to track up to 40 packages, but if you do need to track more packages, then you will have to purchase a membership plan which goes for $2.99 per month or 200 for $4.99 per month

#3. ParcelTrack


ParcelTrack is one of the tracking apps that has a top-tier feature in its security system. One of these features is a real-time tracking feature that uses the GPS location of the delivery van carrying your items. This means that your customers can virtually stay with their goods as they travel via delivery vans.

This makes a huge difference in the logistics business as so many customers want to have a real-time update on the current location of their parcels.

Aside from this sophisticated feature, ParcelTrack also has push notification that updates a customer on the status of their parcels, whether being received by someone else.

Some of its outstanding features:

  • The ability to share your outbound package with customers. This breeds trust and reliability between brands and their customers.
  • Barcode scanner
  • The ability to detect a delivery service once you enter a tracking number
  • Delivery forecast ability that tells you the scheduled time for your package
  • Compactible with all devices

Pricing: ParceTrack has a free version, however, it’s premium version is priced at $2.99

#4. ShipTrack


If you’re looking for a logistics management platform that has an all-round positive review for its customer service, its simplicity and ease-of-use, in-built invoicing system, order, mileage, fuel, and vehicle tracking, then ShipTrack might come in handy.

Some of its formidable features lie in its compatibility for small businesses in need of a simple delivery tracking application for few drivers, or large logistics enterprises handling millions of parcels per day.

Some Other sophisticated features of ShipTrack

Interactive administrative portal –

ShipTrack has an admin portal that allows for overall management and configuration of workflows as well as performing analysis and reports. In creating basic workflows, the administrative portal allows admins to configure workflows that can be further used in other ShipTrack modules.

Dispatch Operations Management –

Aside from drafting an effective marketing plan for your logistics business, dispatch is one other key requirement in the daily business operations of every logistic-based business, and as such, should have a top-tier management system.

This need has been covered by ShipTrack in the in-built dispatch operations management system where logistics companies can do the following:

  • Have access to geolocation information with a map-based search tool
  • Provide automatic routing logic for dispatchers to manage single exceptions instead of rerouting an entire delivery
  • A drag-and-drop tool for uses to easily manage, reorder, dispatch, and optimize driver activities.

Route Optimization –

Picking the optimal route for fast delivery is traditionally dependent on the dispatcher’s knowledge and experience of the route.

But this simple sophistication takes the power away from solely depending on the dispatcher’s knowledge of a route, to an efficient route automation system which is controlled by a built-in algorithm that ensures that the system provides the dispatcher with the fastest and safest delivery route.

Also, ShipTrack offers hassle-free integration with some other back-end systems that you might be using for your business.

Types Of Softwares You Can Integrate With ShipTrack

  • eCommerce platform (i.e. Magento, etc…)
  • ERP (SAP, Netsuite, etc…)
  • Quickbooks or other SMB financial systems
  • WMS (Warehouse Management Systems)
  • Fleet Management Systems
  • Transportation Management Systems
  • Freight Audit Systems
  • MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems)
  • MS Access or other databases
  • Any other system with the ability to exchange data

Whether you use an online eCommerce platform, an enterprise resource planning system, or financial software for running your logistics business, ShipTrack allows easy integration with your existing software and provide a full window of visibility of order for your customers.

Pricing: ShipTrack starts at a monthly payment of $0.10, which makes it one of the cost-effective tracking app for any business.

#5. Slice: Package Tracker

Slice Package Tracker

Slice package tracker makes tracking your shipments an easy side of your business. It has an inbuilt algorithm that automatically picks up your tracking number from your emails, organizes these data, and sends you a real-time notification regarding your shipment.

So once you’re making online purchases and getting purchase confirmation emails and order tracking ID from your merchants, Slice is doing the work to pick up the numbers, organize your orders, and gives you an update on your orders.

For even top-level privacy, Slice only picks shipping numbers from a recognized merchant or shipper and skips your private email.

Pricing: Free

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#6. Aftership

Aftership’s most-outstanding feature is its ability to auto-detect courier services based on tracking number format and your selected courier list, and designed API and webhooks for developers to add tracking functionality.

Aside from its ability to report order and shipment status, you can audit the actual delivery time of your shipments across multiple couriers. This feature helps drop-shippers to give a near accurate time for delivery and update their customers periodically as they stay up-to-date with the order status.

Also, Aftership has a customizable content regarding order status, this means that you can choose when to push out notifications to your customers regarding the current state of their orders. E.g, in transit, out for delivery, order delivered.

Pricing: 50 shipments each month with unlimited shipments for Shopify stores.

However, if your business handles more than up to 20,000 shipments in a month, you will have to opt-in for their titanium plan which is $999 per month.

#7. OneTracker


OneTracker’s main outstanding feature lies in its UI/UX design, and its simplicity.

Instead of having all your order emails right in your traditional mailing app, OneTracker provides you with a dedicated email designed only for your orders. This means that once you forward your order email to the email address provided for you, OneTracker will automatically pick up the tracking information and provide you with updates regarding your orders.

Also as part of its features, Its push notifications have a configurable feature for choosing tracking events you would love to get notified about.

Some of OneTracker’s outstanding features.

  • Built-in ability to add packages manually using barcode scanner and automatic clipboard detection algorithms.
  • an optional map view to see your tracking information in real-time
  • Compactibility with multiple platforms
  • Support for more than 80 couriers

Pricing: Free

#8. Shiprocket


Shiprocket has a lot of ultra-modern features that will make your business easy.

One of its features that appeal to most companies is the built-in algorithm that calculates the shipping rate according to an origin pin code, destination pin code, approximate weight, and dimensions of the shipment and the fact that its shipping radius covers an entire 220 countries.

This is quite suitable for small and large enterprises that handle all number of orders and make the shipments to all countries.

Another amazing feature from Shiprocket is its insurance coverage for lost items. This is suitable for businesses handling millions of order rounded the year, and this single act further prioritizes Shiprocket’s concern for their clients’ orders.

Pricing: Free for registration and use, you only pay for shipment.

Take Away

As a business that is looking to work with a courier company, you need to take into consideration the fact of insurance. It is advisable that you work with companies that have a courier insurance policy in place. This will ensure that you are covered even if your goods and are being damaged because of unavoidable reasons like natural calamities, or other man-made factors.

Whether you’re a large enterprise handling millions of orders every day, or a small business that handle few orders daily, these top 7 tracking apps have key features that any business would need from tracking applications.

These features cuts-across these main key areas

  • Safety of orders
  • Real-time tracking
  • Map-view for tracking information
  • Notifications on your order status
  • Ease-of-use

Shipment tracking application is a must-use for businesses that handle customer orders, and the idea of real-time tracking features, the ability to know your shipping schedule alongside other features, simplifies the tedious procedures of businesses.

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