There are over a dozen amusement parks in Orlando, Florida (FL) from Disney World to the Magic Kingdom. 

However, for those looking to spend just a weekend in Orlando, FL, rest assured there are plenty of other activities to do without having to enter a crowded theme park. 

Orlando always has something new to offer. Below, I’ll help you plan your visit by giving you eight fun and exciting things to do while visiting Orlando, FL, for a weekend. 

1. Harry P. Leu Gardens 

Start your weekend off by exploring Harry P. Leu Gardens. This botanical garden contains over 50 acres of beautiful gardens and trails covered with 200-year-old oak trees. Stroll through and admire the one-of-a-kind tropical flowers or take a tour of their museum. 

2. Cocoa Beach

If you’re looking for a day at the beach, then you’ll want to head over to Cocoa Beach, where you can find a pier that stretches over 800 feet with the best restaurants, bars, gift shops, musical entertainment, and more. On the beach, you can catch tropical fish, play volleyball, and take surf lessons. 

3. Kennedy Space Center

Once you’ve rested at the beach, take a trip to the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex just up the road. See space shuttles before your eyes, train like a real astronaut, or even watch a rocket launch if you happen to go on the right day. 

4. Universal studios Orlando:

Universal Studies is the best place to relish some fun moments with family and kids. The exciting rides, the luxurious resorts and the tempting night life will make a perfect getaway. The best time to visit universal studios Orlando is from June through August. Just make sure you make a visit in weekdays if you want to avoid the rush.

5. Forever Florida 

You can’t visit Orlando, FL, without exploring its magnificent nature and wildlife. At Forever Florida, there’s something to do for everyone – whether it’s meeting the various creatures who live there (gators, cattle, peacocks, tiger, etc.), horseback riding, rock climbing, ziplining, and more. 

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6. Gatorland

Speaking of places to see wildlife – don’t forget to check out Gatorland for some good old fashioned family fun. From alligators and crocodiles to ziplining and helicopter rides, it’s one of the best spots for vacations with family.

7. Chocolate Museum and Cafe 

Are you ready to eat all the chocolate in Orlando at the Chocolate Museum and Cafe? Learn all about the history of chocolate and try luxurious chocolates from all around the world paired with the best coffee or wine. 

8. Revolution Off-Road 

Experienced all-terrain vehicle rider or not, Revolution Off-Road is a video game come to life. With 230 acres of trails for you to ride on and other outdoor activities such as archery and shooting, you’ll without a doubt have a blast. 

9. Winter Park 

Get your shopping on at Winter Park, where there are ten blocks of 140 shops for you to look for the best Orlando restaurants and cafes. You can also spend time exploring the Winter Park Museum that tells of the town’s history with free lectures and exhibits.

Plan your visit today!  

Start Booking your Weekend in Orlando, FL

Now that you’ve got a list of things to do during your weekend in Orlando, FL, go out and book your next trip. If you’d like to read more articles about vacationing to Florida, check out the travel section on our blog.

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