Periods are central to a woman’s major role in conception. However, it’s difficult to see the positive when you’re experiencing excruciating pain, hot flashes, mood swings, fatigue, and the other varying symptoms of a period cycle. There are natural ways that you can try to manage your cycle so you don’t spend those days of the month feeling miserable. Thus, here are 8 tips for naturally managing your cycle:

1. CBD Oil

Cannabidiol (CBD) is an oil that’s extracted from the cannabis plant, and is believed to have many possible health benefits. Its opioid receptors may potentially reduce the pain and inflammation in your muscles, meaning you can take CBD to manage period cramps. The same anti-inflammatory properties believed to be contained in CBD oil mean that painfully swollen hands and feet can also benefit from its application.

The relaxing effect of CBD oil may also mean you can enjoy pain-free rest, which is otherwise difficult to come about during your cycle. You can seek guidance in terms of dosage and the frequency of use of CBD oil as a means to naturally manage your cycle. Individuals respond differently to the effects of CBD oil, therefore individual medical consultancy is advisable.

2. Heat Compressions

Heat compressions can help alleviate the pain experienced in your lower back muscles and the abdominal area during your cycle. You can use a hot water bottle or, if you don’t have one, a drinking bottle with warm water can also do the trick. Place a blanket over your stomach when applying the compressions for more heat to get trapped.

3. Drink Liquids

Hormonal balance and pain management can be achieved by drinking lots of fluids. If you’re dehydrated, menstrual cramps intensify. If you enjoy including herbs into your lifestyle, herbal teas and drinks are recommended to manage your cycle. Teas that contain healing properties such as chamomile, mint, evening primrose oil, thyme, and flax-seed can help you relax and alleviate the pain and irritability you’re experiencing.

4. Balanced Diet

Chocolate, sweets and ice-cream are tempting comfort foods during those uncomfortable cycle days. These refined sugars, however, need to be tossed aside because they contribute to bloating due to water retention. Instead, you must include foods rich in magnesium into your diet. These are your leafy greens, which are muscle relaxants. Make sure to eat light meals with these greens included. Heavy meals will only add to being bloated. Foods rich in vitamins and calcium such as milk and yogurt are also required.

Naturally Managing Your Cycle

5. Exercise

It’s tempting to spend the day curled up in a ball during the bad days of your cycle. This, however, is counterproductive to tackling symptoms. Exercising releases feel-good hormones known as endorphins. These hormones help in making you experience less pain. Make sure to do light exercises such as stretching, walking, and yoga. Intense exercises only aggravate the pain and make you feel more exhausted.

6. Meditate

Meditation can alleviate the stress, depression, and anxiety that can come with your cycle as it aims to clear your thoughts and allows you to focus on your breathing. Meditation styles differ and you can experiment to find which one works best for you under these circumstances. Some appreciate meditating in the form of nature walks; others need a quiet corner in the house while journaling.

7. Avoid Alcohol

Alcohol might sound like an escape, but it isn’t. Alcohol makes you retain water, meaning you will only feel more bloated after enjoying even just a tequila shot. Instead, leave the alcohol to when you’ve made it through the cycle.

8. Get A Massage

Enjoying a massage is an efficient way to relax the nervous system and encourage the blood to flow throughout your body. Make sure to tell the masseuse your reason for the massage so that they know the areas to focus on. Certain areas could aggravate the cramps, so communication is important. Acupuncture and reflexology can also help in addition to the massage.


Women who first experience their cycle often consider this a milestone in womanhood. The pain and discomfort that comes with it, however, can leave you battered every month and it seems there’s no getting used to it. You can experiment with the different natural ways of managing your cycle such as taking CBD oil, applying heat compressions, drinking water, eating a balanced diet, exercising, meditating, avoiding alcohol, and enjoying a massage. What works for one might not be efficient for another, so make sure to try out as many tips as possible to find what works for you best.


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