It is very hard to find a positive characteristic of a pandemic that shook the citizens of the entire world including their customs and practices within the duration of a few days. But according to the utility bidder, the pandemic has decreased our society’s carbon footprint in countries all around the world. A reduced carbon footprint means an overall positive environmental impact due to reduced greenhouse emissions by society at large. Here we look at the different ways you can help play a part to reduce the carbon footprint of the community by making simple everyday lifestyle changes.

Simple Changes At Home

1.  Unplug For Exoneration:

Appliances still consume energy if they are plugged in but not being used. Help save energy by unplugging appliances that are not being used.

2.  Take Shorter Showers:

More and more resources are being used the longer you stay in the shower with the water on. Hot water, electricity, water supply, and the water heater or cooler are all working simultaneously so that you can continue bathing. Additionally, try installing a low-flow showerhead to help reduce water consumption and conserve water.

3.  Using Cold Water For Laundry:

You can save 500 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions annually by doing laundry twice a week in cold water instead of warm or hot water. Not many people will be able to tell the difference between a warm wash and a cold wash when you are wearing your best pair of clothes.

4.  Dry Clothes On The Clothesline

You can help reduce your carbon footprint by almost 33% by drying your clothes on a clothesline instead of a dryer. You can make savings of at least £52 (USD68) annually by using the clothesline instead of a drier based on 150 cycles per year.

Redefining Shopping Preferences

5.  Avoid Bling-Bling Fashion Trends

Indulging in the latest trends means investing in apparel that you might not use for a very long time. The organizations that produce these garments engage in machiavellian labor practices that are not always productive for society at large.

6.  Choose Quality Over Quantity

Choose to buy quality products that last longer, instead of buying a higher quantity of cheap products that are not made to last. Buying less can help you rake up on savings and possibly get better products.

Suss Out The Means Of Transport

7.  Alternate Modes Of Conveyance

There are so many times during the day when you drive to someplace close by when you could have just walked the distance. For people who are too lazy to walk there are other alternatives such as riding a bike, skating, or rollerblading. Nevertheless, everyone can agree that walking is probably the safest and healthiest option from all of these modes of transportation.

8.  Plan Your Trips

Try to achieve more than one objective when you take your vehicle out for a drive. You can help significantly reduce your carbon footprint by driving less.


These are just some of the ways you can lower your carbon footprint and always try to reduce your usage of disposable plastic products. One-time plastic products only add to the existing landfills. Always look for clean-green options to help reduce your overall carbon footprint.


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