You are looking for a lavish place to live or a luxury vacation spot, you have a family with you or just enjoying your couple moments, Emirates Hill is the right place for you. It is not just a living space but a hallmark towards prestigious and magnificent lifestyle for you and your family.

Emirates Hill is a popular spot and it won’t be wrong to call it “Beverley Hills” of Dubai. It is also known as the house of economic migrants. You are in a haste to get a villa for yourself or want to live in your dream house, both choices are offered to you by the estate. You can buy or rent out a deluxe villa for yourself on a permanent basis or seasonal. Not only this but you can also buy your land there and construct a cozy home for yourself and family.

Emirates hill does not only offer a safe living but also the luxuries of life which you can enjoy while living there. You don’t need to take your family to a different spot for physical activities, restaurants, spa and many other services are available for you at the Emirates Hill.

Following are few of the pleasure-loving services providing at the Emirates Hill keeping your comfort in mind:


This is not just an ordinary golf course for the residents but an 18-hole golf ground for you to polish your skills and improve your game under the supervision of best available coaches.


You or your family will get a chance to avoid long drives for shopping purpose. Emirates Hill has taken care of it also. Two big shopping malls are available for you to shop whenever you want to. They have big shops and you will find everything in them for yourself. Supermarkets will also help you save your grocery trips.


You want to pamper yourself or want a day out with your friends, park your cars outside stylishly built spas in the Emirate Hills. All spa services are available there and friendly staff is present there to accommodate you according to your choice.


Steal your partner for a quiet romantic dinner or sometimes enjoy your family dinners, Emirates Hill restaurants are there to treat your taste buds with different cuisines. You want to order food for yourself and family and enjoy it while sitting at home, Emirates Hill’s restaurants will take care of all that.


Emirates Hill community provide you with best available security services in the country. This facility will give you a complete peace of mind even in your absence.


You live at Emirates Hill and you can still send your kids to best schools in UAE. All the prime schools are opened nearby and you can easily send your children to continue their academics.


Your children can enjoy spending their evenings at the parks and playground and get a chance to enjoy different physical activities. Children can discharge their energies freely and securely in these playgrounds.


Health emergencies are uncalled for and can occur at any time, keeping this in mind, Emirates Hill has best health centers in the compound where competent doctors and other staff is available for the residents throughout the day and night.


These luxury villas are designed keeping the contemporary and classic architecture in mind. You want a two or four-room villa, you can get it here. The designing and finesse of the villas leave you in awe and you will wish to occupy it immediately. The designing is also updated and more attractive than the exterior. Beautiful landscapes leave you wonderstruck.

Emirates hills have the most beautiful and rich green neighborhood. This neighborhood has become so appealing for permanent as well as seasonal visitors of UAE that it will convince you to get your most desirable property at Emirates Hill.

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