Watch – A $92,000 ticket on a historic night for LeBron James in the NBA

historic night for LeBron James in the NBA

During the Los Angeles Lakers vs Oklahoma City Thunder match, LeBron James shattered the NBA record for points scored – a feat that will go down in history.

James set a new record by surpassing Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s historic 38,387 points. He achieved this feat with 10.9 seconds remaining in the third quarter when he put two more points on the board.

For over ten minutes, the match was halted to recognize James as he stepped onto the court alongside Adam Silver, commissioner of the tournament and basketball icon Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. To commemorate him further, a short celebratory video was then shown – which began with “LeBron James is undoubtedly one of the best high school players in history.”

James joyously declared, “I am immensely grateful to the Lakers fans and everyone in my life from my mom to my spouse and kids. I’m so privileged to have exceeded Karim’s record; let us all take a moment here today honor Abdul-Jabbar.”

Abdul-Jabbar handed the ball to James, symbolizing his taking over of the record. The Lakers also showcased numerous messages for James from people such as Magic Johnson and even his wife.

James ended the first half with 20 points, and told his two sons before the third quarter started that he would need to score 12 more points to break the record.

Prior to the match, James donned a stethoscope with “38388” inscribed on it – the exact number of points he needed to surpass Abdul-Jabbar’s record.

As the game began, people made bets on how James would break Abdul-Jabbar’s record. Would it be by three-pointers? Free throws? Or perhaps even a two pointer with his iconic “skyhook” maneuver?

Following the conclusion of Q3, the Lakers played a video message from President Joe Biden congratulating James.

In remarkable news, the Lakers declared that all fans in attendance at the stadium will get a commemorative LeBron James achievement shirt – and an exclusive 38-hour sale of it is now available on their website.

Last week, the cost of a ticket to one particular match peaked at an astonishing $92,000! However, as soon as attention shifted towards the Milwaukee Bucks game in Los Angeles on Thursday night, prices dipped slightly.

In the final seconds of the third quarter, James made his decision and sealed the game’s fate.

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