Pain is widespread to everyone regardless of age and may occur to an individual knowingly and unknowingly. It also occurs in different parts of the body, most commonly the hands and the wrist. Many people, especially those involved in physical sports such as rugby, football, and basketball, are more disposed to this type of pain. Research shows many people who encounter injuries are likely to suffer from hand injuries leading to severe pain. Doctors have developed a new procedure for handling this pain. Jersey City hand and wrist pain offer various treatments and information concerning this pain. Please book an appointment or visit their website.

What is Hand and Wrist Pain?

Generally, hand and wrist pain are all the pain you experience in all regions surrounding the wrist and the hand. It makes you unable to hold things or perform simple tasks. This type of pain has various causes such as:

·   Acute trauma that results from an accident

·   Improper use of the wrist and the hand

·   Overusing the hand and wrist may lead to severe pain

·  Musculoskeletal disorder

·  Some of the systemic diseases are also the leading factors that cause pain

Other common causes are sprains, strains, and fractures when an individual wrongly or incorrectly carries and lifts heavy objects. The objects put excessive pressure on the wrist and hand, leading to pain. What excessive pressure does is strain the muscles and tendons of the wrist and hand. On the other hand, sprains occur when ligaments force themselves to stretch and twist, causing pain and swelling. Fractures occur when a force hitting the bone is more potent than the bone can take. This is very common to people in more physical sports, commonly rugby and basketball. The force causes the pain since the bones in the hand cannot handle it.

What are the signs and symptoms of hand and wrist pain?

The following are the symptoms associated with hand and wrist pain:

·  Numbness in the hand region

·  Tingling feeling in the hand, wrist, and fingers

·  Discomfort in the wrist and palm

·  An individual may also not be able to hold or lift simple objects

·  Individuals may experience pain, making them not able to sleep at night

How is the hand and wrist pain diagnosed and treated?

In most cases of hand and wrist pain, doctors and physicians use ultrasounds to evaluate the hand’s delicate parts. This includes bones, joints, tendons, and ligaments. The unique technique usually involves a handheld probe that produces high-frequency sound waves.  The sound waves primarily bounce to the structures inside the wrist and hand. The computer receives the sound waves and gives details of the injured part through pictures and photos. The most used treatment procedures are the use of PRP injections and therapy.  These highly help reduce the pain and restore the functions of the hand.

In summary, hand and wrist pain are very common and should be taken seriously. If you experience any pain, visit the nearest hospital for a further checkup.

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