A new “unidentified flying object” was shot down, this time over Canada

A new unidentified flying object

On Saturday, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau declared that an unidentified flying object had been brought down over northern Canada – a day after another analogous occurrence in the United States.

Prime Minister Trudeau announced that the Canadian and American forces had dropped the body, and would be in charge of gathering and evaluating its wreckage.

On Twitter, he proclaimed: “I gave the command to shoot down an unidentified aircraft that had trespassed into Canadian airspace. The plane was then sent crashing over Yukon. Both American and Canadian planes were pushed back from their positions and it turned out that the F-22 of United States ultimately managed to hit its target.”

The Prime Minister of Canada added: “I spoke with President (US Joe) Biden on Saturday afternoon. Canadian forces will now recover and analyze the wreckage of the object. Thanks to the US-Canadian Joint Space Agency for observing North America.”

The North American Aerospace Defense Command said earlier Saturday that it was observing a “high-altitude flying object” over northern Canada, and that military aircraft are currently operating in the region from the US state of Alaska and Canada, according to a press release issued by the command .

It is not clear if the new object is linked to the suspected Chinese spy balloon last week, or to another object that was dropped by a US fighter over Alaska on Friday.

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