A Newbie Of Longboarding, This Is Where To Go


If you love longboarding and are about to buy a longboard, go to longboardbrand.com for more information about sports. From the best longboards, how to choose a perfect one or safety factor,…they are all on this website.

Longboarding is the favorite sport of many people, especially the young. Source: LiveAbout

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On the website, you can look for more about not only longboarding but also skateboarding, as well as some safety notes and tricks when practicing these sports.

About longboard and longboarding

More and more people are showing their great interest in longboarding. It is a popular sport worldwide. Not like some simple sports, longboarding requires players several skills, for instance, the ability to keep balance or the ability to respond to unexpected situations. Moreover, choosing a longboard fitting your purposes and level is also an important thing to do before starting.

All of the information could be found in longboardbrand.com – a reputable website for longboarding lovers all over the world. If you have a limited budget and still want to play longboarding, go to the website of longboardbrand.com and you will see the article about the best longboards under 40 dollars. The list is the result of collecting reviews from users and the experiences of professionals in this field. Here are some of the best longboards under 40 dollars that you can consider:

  • Rimable Complete 22″ Longboard: Within the price of 40 dollars, Rimable complete 22″ longboard is the best one to consider because it has unusual features that can help both professional skaters as well as beginners. Thanks to its tiny size, skaters can enjoy a unique experience of the incredible, funny and exciting adventure.
  • The Quest Super Cruiser Longboard: Considered as one of the top longboards available on the market these days, this longboard is really worth your money. The amalgamation of inexpensive rates, quality materials, and sophisticated design are what make beginners love it.
  • Rimable Drop-Through Longboard: Rock-hard, long-lasting, vibrant and robust are the adjectives to describe this longboard. It is comfortable to drive for all people. With 59mm PU wheels in 12 color varieties, the design of high-quality aluminum tracks, it is suitable for the most rapid drive and greater-soft blond bushings.

The others in the list include:

  • Krown Rookie Graphic Complete Longboard
  • Yocaher Pika Punked Perfect Designed Longboards Presented In 7.75″
  • Sector 9 Dart Deck Longboard
  • Quest “Pockit Rockit” High-Performance Cruiser Longboard

All of them have their features and their reviews mentioned so to help you to make a good choice.

Look for a longboard fitting your purpose.

In addition, you can look for longboards specified for your purposes, including the best campus longboards, the 5 best longboards for type 2020, the best longboards for beginners, the best longboards for carving, top 10 longboards for the money, the best drop through longboard, the best longboards for cruising, the best longboards for girls or even the most expensive longboard.


Longboardbrand.com does not only provide information about skateboard and skateboarding. You can look for the best skateboards for girls, for beginners, for kids or for cruising. Besides, the related information, such as the best square skateboard wheels, is also available. You can read them to collect more information about this sport.


Safety is the major factor to consider whenever playing sports. When playing a sport like longboarding or skateboarding, safety must be put at the first priority. Safety kit, including longboard helmet, knee and elbow pads, slide gloves, wrist guards, is important for beginners. When starting longboarding, you may fall several times so these protective tools are needed to protect you from possible falls and accidents.

You can go to the website longboardbrand.com and learn how to select the right longboard helmet. There are two common types of helmet, including open-face longboard helmet and full-face longboard helmet. 

If you just ride your longboard around the campus or the city, a regular open face (half-shell) longboard helmet is enough as it offers sufficient protection, covering the sides and top and back of your head while ensuring that you are comfortable and look cool in it. For a full face longboard helmet, you will need it when undertaking any high-speed riding or if you are a beginner and want to have extra protection, it is fine. This kind of longboard helmet meets CPSC safety criteria, allowing you to utilize it for downhill biking and BMX.

Get some guides to choose your longboard. Source: Roswell’s Fingerboards

  • Construction and materials: Considering the materials that the helmet is made from is a must. The good material should be the one that is as light as possible while still have excellent impact resistant power. This will make you feel comfortable wearing it and ensure safety during serious falls.
  • Fitting: Selecting the longboard helmet with adjustable straps will offer you the highest comfort and a perfect fit.
  • Ratings: The SNELL Memorial Foundation and the Department of Transit are two government agencies that have developed ratings for helmets. After checking, testing and setting the limits for the safety of the helmets, the public a list of helmets approved by the government. Helmets that have not accredited by these organizations should be considered more before buying and using.

Tricks for both beginners and professionals

For players, especially beginners, some tricks are needed so that they can start riding longboard more easily and safely. A newbie may feel struggling longboarding for the first time because this sport requires balance as well as the combination of different body parts. You can visit longboardbrand.com for some handful of guides.

For instance, how to powerslide on a longboard for beginners or make the best slide step by step or the easiest way to backside 180,…The section of tricks related to longboard and longboarding is up to 8 pages. Read some of them and you may get useful tricks for better, safer and more entertaining longboarding.

Longboardbrand.com is where a beginner should go for more information about longboard, longboarding, safety, and tricks when riding a longboard. Hope you enjoy this sport.

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