(video) A nurse takes revenge on a robot that “stole” her job. She lost her temper and beat him with a stick until she smashed it

A Chinese nurse lost her temper after she and her fellow nurses were replaced by a robot at Xuzhou University Hospital in the coastal province of Jiangsu, east China, and smashed the robot, according to what was reported by “Euronews” Thursday , April 27, 2023.

After throwing a huge tantrum, the female employee smashes the robot in retaliation for being fired and replaced by the robot. And the woman appears in a video scene that was circulated on social media platforms, wearing a yellow coat, holding a stick, and hitting the robot repeatedly in the hospital lobby. 

After she was stopped by the security personnel in the hospital, the police interrogated the woman to find out the reason for her act, but one of the employees stated that she suffers from a mental illness.

While the video sparked wide reactions on social media, some considered that she had the right to do what she did after she was fired from her job because of a robot.  

Many have opposed the idea of ​​” invading robots “, which has become a real threat to hundreds of thousands of jobs and sectors in the world. They criticized the large presence of robots in Chinese hospitals and their scheduling appointments and organizing roles, which reduced the number of nurses.

While many countries, such as Japan and Germany, are witnessing a labor shortage, allowing robots to take to the streets and workplaces to fill the void and shortage resulting from the absence of employees in many sectors.


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