A rare painting bought by a man for 600 dollars… it was sold for 3 millions

Oil painting by Flemish artist Anthony van Dyck
Oil painting by Flemish artist Anthony van Dyck (Photo: Sotheby's)

At an auction, a masterpiece painted by the renowned Flemish painter Anthony Van Dyck sold for an astounding $3 million dollars.

And he had found that drawing in the late twentieth century in a farm shed in the Kinderhook district of Columbia County in New York, after it had been covered with excrement and dung for about 4 centuries, according to the American “CNN” network.

For only $600

As the “Sotheby’s” auction house said, “The person who found it (Albert B. Roberts) was an enthusiastic collector of the missing pieces.” And he bought it for only 600 dollars.

However, soon after, art historian Susan J. Barnes published an article acknowledging the painting as a “well-preserved” work by van Dyck.


The oil painting, which was sold at an auction by Sotheby’s, is a study and rehearsal for a painting Van Dyck painted at a later time and titled “Saint Jerome”, which is currently in the Museum “Boijmans van Beuningen” in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

The study, which depicts an old man seated in a chair, is also unique for several reasons, as it is one of only two large studies that Van Dyck produced from living models.

In his early youth

In addition, experts suggest that Van Dyck drew this study in his early youth between 1615 and 1618, when he was working in the studio of the Flemish artist, Peter Paul Rubens, in Antwerp.

It is noteworthy that Van Dyck (1599-1641) was a Flemish painter, born in Antwerp, Belgium, and died in London at the age of 42.

Sotheby’s said in a joint statement with CNN that the study was recently identified as Van Dyck’s work.