A terrifying scene of sharks surrounding a fishing boat

Fishermen, in the US state of Louisiana, were surprised by the gathering of dozens of raging sharks in a frantic state, in an attempt to reach a bait of tuna thrown by the fishermen, according to the New York Post, Wednesday, March 1, 2023 .

He told Dillon May, who recorded a video clip of the incident, that he was on a fishing boat with his friends, and suddenly they noticed a strange movement in the water similar to a boiling state, so they thought at first that it was the movement of tuna fish, only to discover later that the noise was caused by dozens of sharks – if not There were hundreds, adding that the situation terrified those on the boat.

The video demonstrated the sharks ferociously pursuing the fish, to such an extent that they were slapping their tails against the side of the boat and showering those on board with ocean mist.

Sharks are built to endure up to 6 weeks of starvation, but when the time comes they begin their hunt for sustenance.

Sharks have an impressive appetite and can devour whatever is available, even tires! If food sources are limited in the ocean, these predators will resort to munching on marine plants.


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