Equipped with international advanced production lines and top-class professionals, AA-TOP dedicates to high-quality product development and brand operations with strict scientific management all the time. Here come the details about this company’s outstanding R&D ability to produce car suspension parts in this ever-changing field.

As a leading automotive rubber mount industry supplier, AA-TOP beats many other famous brands with its professional strength. The AA-TOP brand has gained lots of customers’ favor and cognition globally and has been registered and exported to more than 100 countries. When it comes to the secret of excellent R&D ability of AA TOP, there are two significant points you should get to know.

Experienced Professionals with Exquisite Technique

AA-TOP always adheres to the principle that, to inspire people with a great cause, to attract people with proper treatment, to unite people with unique culture, and to achieve people-oriented results with the right conditions. Besides, this company continually devotes itself to interesting team building and better employee benefit policy, which enables employees to indulge in a warm and relaxed working atmosphere. Maybe these are the reasons why AA-TOP can count on its R&D department comprised of 10 experts and keeps the powerful R&D ability in the industry all the time.

International Advanced Equipment with Proper Maintenance

In strict accordance with the criteria of the OE manufacturers, car suspension parts from AA-TOP gain customers’ favor and recognition globally and are exported to over 100 countries including Europe, Middle East, Southeast Asia and. What’s more, stable and long-term cooperation with big buyers and famous brands has been established in Germany, the USA, Turkey, and other countries. Both customers and purchase agents love its high-quality car suspension parts with on-time delivery. As a matter of fact, advanced international equipment can take all the credit. Imported from Germany and Taiwan, the automated and semi-automated equipment facilitate AA-TOP to complete car suspension parts with the best quality punctually. Furthermore, these facilities are tracked and maintained by designated people to ensure safe and precise operations.

With these two sparking points, no wonder AA-TOP has a great R&D ability and can go from strength to strength. Generally speaking, AA-TOP lays the focus on researching and developing engine mount, strut mount, control arm, control rod, and rubber bushing covering nearly 3000 kinds. By employing a rubber formula mix from Japan, these car suspension parts contain 65% natural rubber, which comes from Thailand or Malaysia. In effect, the lead time of these five main products is actually not the same.

Engine Mount

1. Engine Mount

In order to hold the engine in a car, the engine mount, a part between the engine and the frame is a wearing accessory with a design life of generally 6 to 80000 km. AA-TOP spends only 3 months researching and developing an engine mount to meet the original factory accessories standard. Equipped with advanced oil filling equipment, high-end engine mount from AA-TOP is made of environmentally-friendly materials.

2. Strut Mount

Two sophisticated strut mounts only take AA-TOP one month to manufacture. When the spring works, it can cause a tremendous impact force, which will not only damage the shock absorber but also cause the deformation of the hub. However, a strut mount is good at reducing that impact force.

3. Control Arm

The design and development time of a control arm is the same as a strut mount’s. A control arm assembly is triangular, with two bushings at each end and at the ball joint, which allows the car to go up and down. It makes the bottom of your tire in place. When you hit a mass, the control arm compresses the weight and pushes the car down.

Control Arm

4. Control Rod

A control rod plays an essential role in the car turning process by providing an additional lift or downward pressure to the tires on both sides. It relies entirely on the reaction force of the torsional deformation of the machine itself to adjust. Two control rods can be created in one month by AA-TOP.

5. Rubber Bushing

The automotive bushing belongs to the rubber parts of automobile chassis and is the hinge point between various parts of the automobile body. Its elastic characteristics and attenuation characteristics are superior. It should be noted that, 10 bushings from AA-TOP can be manufactured in one month.


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