About 100 cars were involved in a collision in Illinois, resulting in 36 people being injured and 6 killed.

About 100 cars were involved in a collision in Illinois

At least six people were killed Monday in collisions between about 100 cars on a highway in the US state of Illinois after a dust storm reduced visibility, police said. 

Illinois State Police said in a statement that about 40 to 60 passenger cars and 30 commercial vehicles were involved in collisions in the Midwestern state “due to strong winds that blew dust from agricultural fields across the highway.”

The statement added that the fire broke out in two pickup trucks in traffic accidents that occurred in the late morning along more than three kilometers of Interstate 55, which connects the cities of Chicago and St. Louis.

Police said more than 30 people were taken to hospital with “minor to life-threatening” injuries, according to Agence France-Presse.

The ages of the victims ranged between two years and 80 years, while the photos published from the scene showed the firefighters in the midst of dust, fog and smoke from the burning cars, which went off the road in sometimes almost non-existent visibility conditions. 

Eight people were killed in a similar accident in Utah in 2021 when a sandstorm caused a chain of collisions between 22 cars.

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