Maths is an important subject that is taught in schools right from nursery class and continues up to grade 10 for students who opt out later and till grade 12 for the rest. Maths is also an important subject for entrance and competitive exams after school. Almost every university’s entrance exam has a section where the candidate’s skills in the subject are tested. If not directly, maths is involved in some way or the other in such exams. Since maths or mathematics is such an important subject, it is important that the students pay attention to this subject and try understanding it better from the lower classes when the easier levels of the subject are introduced. Students who have their basics clear are better at understanding the higher levels of the subject. 

Maths is not only a subject for getting good grades in school, but it is also important for major competitive exams and also qualifying exams for various jobs. Other than these purposes, maths is a subject that is useful in everyday life. The concepts you learn in this subject and the operations taught are used by everyone across the globe. This gives us another reason why maths is such an important subject and why students must try and sharpen their mathematical skills. 

Many students find maths as a tricky subject or a difficult subject. This is often due to the longer calculations involved. Some students who are good with calculations and logical reasoning, find this subject very easy to understand. In the last two years of online learning, maths has become one of the subjects that can be learnt in the most creative and interactive ways. Online teaching tools like apps and websites have made creative learning possible. Students can access videos, text study material and activities to understand any subject and any topic better on their own. These tools have specifically been useful for self-study. They help students in identifying the areas where they need to add more effort and offer creative ways of understanding the same better. Online education and virtual class has created more opportunities to learn. Virtual simulations of real-world situations can also be used to understand the use of maths and the concepts that are explained to students in school. 

In this article, we will be discussing the various activities that can be done for learning basic maths. We will be taking a look at some types of apps that can help students understand basic operations and also improve their calculations. 

To understand different activities, we will take a look at them based on different levels of the subjects taught in schools. Students are at first taught counting and writing numbers in words. Other than this they are also taught how to compare two numbers and find the smaller and greater number. Such concepts can be best explained to students using online games. For young children, online platforms make use of colourful images, graphics and interesting animation. This helps them pay more attention and recall the lessons learnt better. 

On a higher level compared to this, operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division are taught to students. These are important operations used by almost every person in their day to day lives. To learn better and improve calculations, students must watch videos, find tricks and tips to get faster at solving questions and use online question banks to increase practice. Online quizzes that have timers can also be used to improve these topics. 

Odd numbers, even numbers, factors, multiples and such other topics are also important to know about. These are also some topics where the students can easily get confused. Using apps for additional practice can help them identify the different types of numbers, their common factors and common multiples and get faster at calculations as well. Prime numbers, composite numbers and other concepts related to the same can also be learnt the same way. 

Learning about money, weights, measurements and other quantities can also be done easily using online tools as students can learn from real-life situations and word problems as well. Decimals, fractions and percentages can also be understood better when learnt using real-life examples and watching videos. 

While some schools are starting to open online, students can still make use of online tools for self-study and revision. 

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