Adele reveals that she undergoes psychological treatment 5 times a day (video)

Adele reveals that she undergoes psychological treatment 5 times a day

International icon Adele disclosed that she had to take part in five psychotherapy sessions every day when getting divorced from her spouse Simon Konecki, as a way for her to overcome the trepidation of performing at concerts in Las Vegas and make sure she was presenting herself at her best for all of her admirers.

During her “Weekends With Adele” event, the superstar divulged personal anecdotes from her life after having to delay all of her scheduled concerts for a full 10 months due to production difficulties.

She expressed that it had been a long while since she last received treatment, and thus felt an urgent need to begin again.

Moving forward as she processed the divorce, she frequently engaged in five therapy sessions a day. Regrettably, during this period of transition, she began disregarding her own conduct and words.

Furthermore, she declared, “I’m doing this with the purpose of guaranteeing I can provide you with all that you need.”

With tears in her eyes, she encouraged everyone to prioritize their friendships because the bond of friendship is invaluable. She opened up about how appreciated and loved she felt when her friends stayed by her side during one of the most difficult moments in life – her divorce.

She confessed that she was highly emotional and would routinely try to rein in her emotions. Additionally, she admitted experiencing apprehension when it comes to performing onstage; as such, she vowed to prove herself by doing a round of concerts in Las Vegas.