Point of Sale system, abbreviated POS system is promotional system specially made for the place of sale. It is a sales opportunity that companies often leave behind, while it can provide a huge boost in various areas! Think of a display, shelf map, promotional package, ceiling hanger, stand, lifesize, counter display or a brochure tray to give your product extra attention.

Use POS  system

Of course, you first have to invest in good POS system before it will yield you anything. Not only the choice of the type of POS system or the shape of the display, for example, is important. It is also about the message that you want to convey on the shop floor. By promoting your product on the shop floor, you can directly influence the consumer. What are the advantages of POS system?

Communication about your product

Through the printing on your display or banner you can give an explanation about your product and emphasize special features. What makes your product special and how can the consumer profit optimally?

Today, for example, there are tomatoes and peppers on the market that have a different color than ‘normal’. How do you explain to the consumer that purple tomatoes are not about date, but the color does provide an extra taste sensation? In any case not by putting them on the shelf without communication. These products need the extra attention so that the consumer becomes curious, the product trusts and proceeds to the purchase.

How about the choice and mix concept where the consumer makes his own choice from different vegetables. For example tomatoes; one tomato fits better cold in a fresh salad and the other tomato is better warm to its right on a crispy pizza. But how are you going to make the concept and properties of each tomato clear to the consumer? Communication about the product is necessary.

Promote buying impulse

More than 70% of the purchase decisions are determined by the consumer on the shop floor. A top rated supermarket pos systems have reserved its certain place in the store. A spot in the spotlight, for example for a display, which makes the products stand out. With the most important message at eye level and attractive graphics, the buying impulse of the consumer is quickly stimulated!

Field marketing, a sales technique where you have direct personal contact with the consumer through test stations, adds an extra boost. POS system supports this sales technique and stimulates the sale of the product, even if the consumer is not personally addressed. For example, the Grill Veggies display from Harvest House is extremely suitable for use in a supermarket, where the tasting of the vegetables is paramount. The occasion in which the customer can consume these grill veggies is well reflected in the design of the barbecue. Even without personal interaction, the consumer sees for and when you can use these vegetables and will therefore easily add the product to his shopping cart.

Extra attention for your new product

Communication is of great importance when introducing a new product. If the product does not exist, there is no need for it either. But once it is there, it is necessary to cultivate it!

Cheese salad was recently introduced by Cruncheese. It is a kind of sprinkles, but then cheese. A product that does not have to be stored in the refrigerator, but just stays in the kitchen cupboard for 12 months. Would the consumer take Kaaselslag from the shelves of their own accord, if it just stood next to the well-known sprinkles? Around the introduction communication on the shop floor helps by paying extra attention to the new product.

Increase brand awareness

With POS system, it is not just about the product you want to sell. In addition to the message you communicate, you also want to promote your brand in general. Your logo on a display, banner or shelf card ensures that your brand stands out. After the POS action, the consumer will not only know your promoted product, but also recognize your brand more quickly. If the product is liked, you will be more inclined to buy other products from your brand.

Better sales figures

In the end it is all about one thing: the sales figures. POS system puts your product in the spotlight, informs customers about its use and stimulates the buying impulse. The ideal mix for a peak in sales! But you do not only benefit from it as long as the display or banner is in the store. Increasing your brand awareness, number 4 of the benefits, ensures that your results will continue to show in the longer term. Encouraging consumers with POS system therefore yields a lot!