45% of customers would abandon content that doesn’t optimize their content. In other words, if the content is poor, the customer would leave it.

One of the trends in marketing is that artificial intelligence will continue to prevail and make breakthroughs in areas of marketing.

But what exactly is AI marketing? How is changing marketing and making us rethink our marketing strategies?

AI advertising is making everything easier, especially when it comes to understanding marketing data. This includes problem-solving and recognizing emotions.

There’s more involved when it comes to simple problem-solving and recognizing problems in behavior. But it’s the initial step of marketing. It’s understanding people’s problems better than ever before businesses taking a step to solve them.

To help grasp a better understanding of AI advertising, you’ll need to know what changes AI is making in marketing that fundamentally changing how marketers and businesses strategize.

What Kind of AI Advertising Exist?

If AI advertising is making breakthroughs everywhere, it’s important to figure out the basics first. For instance, what kind of AI advertising exists presently?

It’s currently used to optimize data on audiences. There’s better behavioral targeting. This can be seen in Facebook and Instagram ads.

Other forms of advertising are facial recognition. This also creates better behavioral targeting.

You also see examples of AI in smart devices such as in Alexa or Google Assistant. You can speak to them and they understand and process that information.

With AI advertising, it is a similar approach. AI interprets your information and gives you information based on your interests.

This is where data comes in. AI is able to process your data faster and more accurately than humans can. More campaigns are optimized at a faster rate because of this.

AI advertising is always making changes on ad platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms.

One of the ways it’s optimizing these platforms is using the data and showing how relevant it is. An example of this is with Facebook ads and their relevance score. This score helps you see how well this advertisement is reaching customers and how well they are interacting with it.

You can also optimize ad spend based on AI advertising. You can see the data and where you should spend your marketing budget based on how AI interprets this data.

You can start taking advantage of marketing strategies, specifically an inbound marketing strategy by delivering the best solutions to your ideal customers.

What Does the Future of AI Marketing Look Like?

Knowing how AI advertising functions in digital marketing, it can help your business see where the trends of AI advertising does in 2020 and beyond.

But more importantly, you can see specific changes in the advertising world and how you can take advantage of it.

Remarkable Behavior Analysis

While AI advertising is already making incredible achievements in interpreting data for business, the next step will be to understand human emotion.

The future of AI advertising will be how well they can emulate human emotions. This is the next step of behavioral analysis. The ability to tell incredible stories and emphasize with the user is something the future of AI may be able to do. 

Content Curation

If AI can tell stories, then the future of content creation will be more AI-focused.

Facebook ads, blogs, and other forms of digital content will be focused on how well AI can generate content and how quickly.

AI may soon be able to create drafts for writers based on behavior analysis. It creates better topics and outlines for writers based on customer behavior and what they are looking for.


Chatbots are a form of AI that already exist on some social media platforms like Facebook. They are able to send a message to customers on Facebook or on a website to gauge interests from the potential customer.

AI is able to generate a response based on how the user responds.

The future of chatbots may be used to generate sales and seemingly act more human to drive in more customers. It can offer immediate assistance based on the user’s behavior and where they click.

Other possibilities of chatbots in the future include customer service and lead generation. The ultimate goal is for the AI to produce a sale better than a human can.

Predictive Analysis

Lastly, the future of AI advertising is being able to see user behavior and make changes based on that behavior.

In other words, AI may be able to predict your behavior and create advertisements that are more central to the user than you might think.

With machine learning and loads of data, AI can create insights and reports for businesses. They can create hyper-personalized interactions with customers.

AI is able to shortcut the process of learning human data and the hours it takes to process it. AI advertising can interpret and eventually create marketing campaigns that create a more surreal user experience for every customer.

How Will AI Advertising Affect My Business?

This is a vital question that can help you stay ahead of your competitors.

The best answer is that it is already affecting your business. AI is already involved in digital marketing. You just have to figure out how to optimize it for whatever business you have.

You can take advantage of AI advertising by embracing it. You can keep up with the latest trends. You can see how it can help you understand your customers better.

You can start looking at how AI looks at customer behavior and how it applies to your business. You can by creating marketing campaigns knowing that AI will only maximize and improve these campaigns by giving you the insight you need to make adjustments. For more information on AI advertising or marketing, visit our website and check out the latest articles.

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