Aim for a Hole-In-One: Common Solutions for Golf Cart Troubleshooting


More than 33.5 million people played golf in the year 2018. Out of these, 24.2 million took part in the sport on a golf course. These figures are surprising considering the existing notion that golf is a rich man’s sport.

It’s not a surprise nowadays to see droves of golf enthusiasts lining up to tee on a warm afternoon. That perfect late afternoon busk on the fairways is no longer a pipe dream. But before you launch out, you need to be aware of some standard golf cart troubleshooting tips.

Don’t let unexpected golf cart issues stand in the way of that memorable hole-in-one downswing. Read on to find out how to resolve some of the common golf cart hitches.

1. Motor Issues or Problems With the Ignition

Nothing frustrates golfers more than a golf cart that won’t ignite. Are you experiencing motor-related issues with your golf cart? Well, the solution may be as easy as pressing the reset button.

For most carts, you only need to use a screwdriver to expose the cart’s motor. Once exposed, all you need is to look for a small red button near the main power supply. Just press the button, then patch back the cart. In most cases, this will solve your problem.

If the ignition problem persists, the other probable cause could be motor burnout. You need to uninstall the motor and assess whether there may be any worn out brushes. Motor burnout may also manifest in the form of ruined field coils or damaged bearings.

If you notice any worn-out components, then repairs would help. But you need to be careful with DIY options. You should consider taking the cart to a cart repair shop if the repairs needed are beyond your knowledge.

2. Issues With the Batteries

Battery-related faults are probably the most common concerns for most golfers.

a. Power Depletion

If your golf cart is acting up, the battery may be depleted. There are golf cart models where the battery power is still used up, albeit in small amounts, even when not running.

Such mechanical designs may lead to battery depletion. The good news is that with such minor issues, you can easily detect the cause of mechanical failures. For instance, if you are used to leaving the cart unplugged for hours on end, the battery voltage may fall below the standard levels.

b. Corrosion Around the Terminals

The other common concern with batteries is the risk of corrosion. You need to check the terminals and ensure that you brush out the corrosion around the terminals. Baking powder may be useful when dealing with corrosion.

c. Cabling Issues

When considering golf cart troubleshooting options, you may need to assess the power cabling. Assess the battery cables for any breakages or frayed wires. Such damages may be the reason for the intermittent failures.

d. Battery Degradation

But in other cases, battery-related failures may be a result of age. Your cart’s battery will eventually experience lower levels of capabilities with time. You need to pay attention to the battery water and electrolytes to ensure that they are up to standard.

You may consider replacing the battery with the next generation golf cart batteries if the issue persists. These batteries can meet all your power and energy needs for all models and types of cars. You no longer have to endure those embarrassing moments related to random disconnects with top of the class lithium golf cart batteries.

3. Faulty Direction Switch

With time, your golf cart may experience the inevitable consequences of wear and tear. The direction switch is among the first components to get worn out. Each time you switch your cart from forward to reverse that minute direction switch on your golf cart experiences wear and tear.

Was your golf cart bought used? There may be a likelihood that the direction switch has seen better days. If you have been using the golf cart for a while, then the direction switch may be feeling the impact.

You need to consult professional golf cart repairers to guide you on the available options. It would help to leave such delicate repairs to seasoned technicians.

4. Golf Cart Troubleshooting – Solenoid

Does your golf cart keep stopping intermittently? Often such unceremonious halts, coupled with clicking noises, are an indication of a faulty solenoid. A solenoid is responsible for ensuring that the battery current travels to the motor.

If your golf cart keeps stopping, then the solenoid switch may be experiencing wear and tear. Depending on the extent of damage on the solenoid, you may consider pulling up to your golf cart repairer for solenoid repairs.

5. Speed Related Concerns

Golf carts must navigate past hilly terrain as you downswing your way around the golf course. Moderate speed and power for your cart during such instances are imperative. But what do you do if your golf cart won’t giddy-up?

If your golf cart no longer sustains the speed it had in the past, then there may be a problem with the potentiometer. Such a fault may cause the golf cart to struggle when picking up speed after ignition. The potentiometer is responsible for your cart’s speed.

However, this little switch may often be the reason for the snail pace your golf cart adopts. Before considering an overhaul of the system, you should assess the potentiometer for possible cracks or loose connections. While you might be able to notice such cracks or loose connections, undertaking DIY on your own would be a risky process.

After Considering These Golf Cart Troubleshooting Tips, to DIY or Not to DIY?

So what next after successfully undertaking these golf cart troubleshooting procedures? Well, now that you know where the problem might be, the temptation to try out repairs on your own may overtake you. But it’s better to consider the advice of a specialist before making any adjustments to the system.

Don’t Let a Faulty Golf Cart Dampen Your Experience in the Fairways

A golf cart plays a vital role in easing the burden of carrying tens of golf clubs. Nevertheless, as you get used to the comfort of a golf cart, you can’t even imagine the hassle of operating without one.

It would be best if you considered these golf cart troubleshooting tips to ensure that you reduce stoppages and enhance the chance for a memorable golfing experience.

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