He was in a big shock… Al Pacino asked his girlfriend to take a paternity test

According to a report by Fox, actor Al Pacino requested that his girlfriend, Nour Al-Falah, take a paternity test after she revealed that she was expecting their fourth child.

One of the sources told the site that Al Pacino did not know about Noor’s pregnancy, who is now in her eighth month, until two months

And the site explained that Al Pacino did not believe that he was the father of the child at first, so Falah had to take the test, which had already proven that the famous actor was the father. ago, and was very shocked.

Al Pacino (83 years) was romantically involved with Al-Falah (29 years) during the Corona epidemic, specifically in April 2020, when the press spotted them spending a romantic evening in a restaurant 

It is noteworthy that Al Pacino has three children from previous relationships: Julie Marie, 34, from American acting coach Jean Tarrant, and twins Anton and Olivia, 22, from his girlfriend, American star Beverly D’Angelo

 Nour previously entered into a relationship with British singer Mick Jagger, and with billionaire Nicholas Peregrine as well.


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