In a final attempt to clear his name, Alec Baldwin is suing the “Rust” crew

Alec Baldwin is suing the Rust crew
Alec Baldwin is suing the Rust crew (shutter stock)

American actor Alec Baldwin is taking legal action against members of a film crew, claiming that their negligence caused the shooting incident he was involved in last year.

From a shooting location to a killing place

The story dates back to the end of last October. While filming “Rust”, director of photography Haliana Hutchins died and director Joel Souza was injured as a result of Baldwin using a firearm that was supposed to contain blank bullets.

The accident turned Baldwin’s life completely around, with him coming under fire from social media platforms and some artists.

Most actors criticized Baldwin for being unsure about his ammunition and gun before filming, such as George Clooney, Paul Scheer, and James Gunn. The biggest attacker was former US President Donald Trump who described Baldwin as “deranged” and said it’s possible he purposely aimed the gun.

Worrying despite not having committed the crime

During an exclusive interview with “CNN”, Baldwin expressed feeling worried about his physical safety after Trump directed his supporters to assaults people who shared different political views.

He didn’t care about being a suspect of the public attack; firstly, because he always believed in his innocence, and secondly, as specialists have reassured him that he is unlikely to face any criminal charges due to lack of evidence linking the accident to intentionality.

However, after enduring continuing harsh accusations, he and his wife deleted their Twitter accounts in December 2021. The account of their charitable foundation, “Hilaria and Alec Baldwin,” was also deleted.

A final attempt to clear his name

While researching the fatal shooting incident, he also hired a private investigator. A few days ago, he announced that he was filing a lawsuit against many members of the film crew for negligence; this surprised the audience. The first person to be named in the lawsuit was Hana Gutierrez Reed, claiming she failed to check weapons and ammunition ahead of time.

As commented on by her lawyer, Jason Bowles, “Reed” was not originally present during the preparation for the scene or filming. Baldwin himself refused to train on the weapon and dealt arrogantly – this ultimately led to an accident; it’s his fault.

Not only was the director, Sarah Zakry, affected by the accusations, but she also didn’t uncover that the individual responsible for the weapons was a threat to everyone on set.

The lawsuit also claimed that Baldwin suffered severe damages due to the accident, its aftermath, and being denied or excluded from other jobs. These claims included physical and psychological harm as well as professional hindrances.

In sum, he not only wants to clear his name but also requests money for any losses that may have come about due to another complaint from last year. The first charge was for breaching the duty of care and negligence filed by the script supervisor for “Mami Mitchell” against Baldwin and the producers.

Mitchell said that the script did not originally entail the hero shooting themselves, and that it was Baldwin’s choice to gamble with a loaded firearm without checking if it was unloaded.

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