One of the most challenging export activities might be exporting seafood to China. And this happens because there are several strict regulations for overseas seafood suppliers mentioned in the export China policy. So, if you are a distributor looking forward to exporting seafood to China market, read on to discover all you need to know about export seafood to China

How to export seafood to China

Exporting seafood to China requires registration before applying for a particular Chinese health certificate and Chinese certificate of origin. Keep in mind that those documents might need a long waiting period, depending on the type of seafood exported to China.

Besides, to export seafood to China, you will have to obtain one of the following Chinese health certificates, as shown in the export China policy:

  • Certificate for fish and fishery products, which refers to all fish types, crustaceans, and other types of marine life, except live fish, crustaceans, mollusks, or echinoderms.
  • Certificate for live aquatic animals, which refers exclusively to live fish, crustaceans, mollusks, and echinoderms.

When it comes to exporting seafood to China, a mix of aquaculture or wild fishery items will necessitate an additional certificate in order to comply with the export China policy. Besides, you will have to get approval for all seafood to export to China. Keep in mind that all Chinese authorities have access to a broad database of approved products for export to China, meaning that if you lack this approval, your seafood export to China will be rejected at customs. 

Overall, prior to exporting seafood to China, you are obliged to test the products thoroughly. There are several testing requirements in place, depending on the type of seafood you ship. Moreover, the shipment can be verified by Chinese customs, and if the products fail such testing, will be returned to you, or simply destroyed on site. 

An essential aspect of exporting seafood to China market is the labeling process. There are several Chinese labeling regulations for specific fishery products. Also, you need to follow the recommended format in the export China policy, so that it will be easier to identify the seafood shipment at customs. 

How to receive assistance for exporting seafood to China

exporting seafood to China

It is always best to opt for professional services when it comes to exporting seafood to China. You can choose for the help offered by Food2China, as they provide a high-efficient platform for suppliers, distributors, or third-party providers in relation to export/import practices to China. Therefore, you can get personalized access to additional information you might need about imported seafood to China, along with the best practices for exporting seafood to China.

Overall, Food2China is an excellent place for accessing several information necessary for overseas seafood suppliers. You can find here all the information you might need about exporting seafood to the Chinese market, or in-depth data about seafood consumption in several Chinese cities. Of course, these information services are not limited to such information, which is why you can receive any related data about seafood export to China.

Simply put: you can enroll in your journey towards exporting seafood to China with a manageable and efficient informative service available at Food2China. 

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