All You Need to Know About the Arizona Statutes and Rules Examination


This article is a detailed guide to the Arizona Statutes and Rules Exams and all you need to know about the AZ Statutes and Rules examination.

Passing the AZ Statutes and Rules examination is necessary for obtaining your construction and repair licenses.

About the AZ Statutes and Rules Examination

The Arizona SRE test is an open book test that comprises 80 questions, and the duration for the test is 180 minutes. The passing score of this test is 70% correct answers.

Topics in the Arizona SRE Test

Here is a list of subjects that are included in the test.

  •    Arizona Registrar of Contractors Statutes
  •     Business Mathematics
  •     Record Keeping, Safety, and Reporting
  •     Arizona Registrar of Contractors Rules
  •     Arizona Registrar of Contractors Workmanship Standards
  •     Environmental Laws and Regulations
  •     Business Management
  •     Liens
  •     Contracts and Agreements
  •     Financial Management
  •     Insurance and Bonding
  •     Labor Laws and Employment Regulations
  •     Tax Laws

Preparing For the AZ Statutes and Rules Examination

Preparing for the SRE test is more frustrating than applying and obtaining the construction license.

Don’t worry because, with RocketCert, you get access to helpful Arizona SRE test examination prep to prepare for your exams and pass the test on your first attempt.

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With RocketCert’s exam prep and study material, you can get the following benefits.

  •  Highlighting guides to help you what exactly you should study.
  • Mock exams to help you know the actual exam pattern and expected questions.
  • Professional mock tests to help face the exam day in a calm and composed manner.
  • Help with Math and accounting subjects.

You can access your exam preps from any device and at any time. You also get Instructor support to help you while you study for the test.

RocketCert’s AZ Statutes and Rules Examination prep bundle include the following items.

  •    Math and Accounting guide
  •    Section Quizzes
  •    Highlighting Guides
  •    Test-taking Tips
  •    Practice Exams
  •     Books for the exam
  •     Printed tabs

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Benefits of Preparing With Exam Prep

Here’s why you should study for your AZ Statutes and Rules examination with exam prep and study material.

  • Self-paced and lets you complete the course taking your own sweet time.
  • No surprises because you have already given mock tests before the actual exam.
  • Gets you fully equipped for the examination by guiding you on what exactly you should study.

You know to manage your time appropriately during the real exam as you have already given mock tests.

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