All You Want To Know About Activated Bamboo Charcoal?

It is misunderstood by many that charcoal is only used for barbecue grills. However, on the contrary, it is being used for many other reasons as well. Activated charcoal, a derivative of charcoal, exhibits many beneficial and restorative properties making it the most active substance ever.

Activated charcoal is extracted from carbon-rich materials such as peat, wood, coconut shell, etc. when these substances are heated at a specific temperature under a controlled environment. The final product is activated carbon – A natural, sustainable, non-toxic product.

What Makes Activated Charcoal a Good “Adsorbent”

After raw materials (wood, peat, etc.) are heated, the final product is then enriched with oxygen. The process of enriching the final product with oxygen activates carbon molecules by removing leftover impurities, thereby improving the adsorption ability of charcoal.  Among the many types of charcoal, let us discuss activated bamboo charcoal and its benefits and uses.

Activated Bamboo Charcoal

The primary sources of activated baboon charcoal are coconut shells, bamboo, and hardwoods.

The process of manufacturing of activated bamboo charcoal is a bit different from other types of activated charcoal. To extract bamboo activated charcoal, such plant materials are super-heated. This process enlarges the gaps between carbon molecules, making it an excellent adsorbing agent.

Different Forms of Activated Bamboo Charcoal 

Being an excellent adsorbing agent, activated bamboo charcoal can bind with ions and other molecules. This unique property of activated bamboo charcoal makes it a deep cleansing and softening agent. Activated bamboo charcoal is also available in many forms, such as granules, cubes, pills, and powder.

The simplified form of activated bamboo charcoal is in the powder form. If you are running a commercial business and looking for activated bamboo charcoal in bulk, we at Enviro Supply & Service have got the finest quality activated bamboo for you.

Why Activated Bamboo Charcoal is Different from Activated Charcoal

Activated charcoal is obtained from the fragments bamboo botanical. A bamboo, when allowed to grow for five years, is capable enough to provide activated charcoal from it. However, activated bamboo charcoal undergoes the same process activation, i.e., Pyrolysis. Bamboo charcoal comprises the essence of bamboo plants (roots, branches, and culms).

When the residue of the activation process is condensed and carbonized – it transforms into one of a kind known as activated bamboo charcoal.  Get the best quality activated bamboo charcoal in bulk at Enviro Supply & Service. Our experts will not only provide you with fresh activated carbon products but will also help you in replacing and handling of your spent carbon.

Benefits of Activated Bamboo Charcoal

Activated bamboo charcoal is fully covered with meniscal holes, making it an excellent adsorbing material. The surface area of activated bamboo charcoal is almost ten times larger than regular activated charcoal. This unique property adds significantly to its capability of being an excellent adsorbing agent. All these features make it function as an excellent detoxifying agent when incorporated into skin products.

Health Care

Activated charcoal holds a significant reputation and is very popular in the healthcare industry. The adsorbent nature has made it an essential part of wound healing ointments. Moreover, activated bamboo charcoal has been widely used as an anti-bacterial substance and has proved to be one of the most effective de-toxicant.

Therefore, many pharmaceutical companies are focusing on using activated charcoal in their medication and drugs. Activated charcoal is also used in cosmetics – skincare products we continue to use today. It is used in the manufacturing of personal care products, helping users to get rid of marks and skin infections.

Activated bamboo charcoal acts as the significant cleanings agent in many soaps, face wash, and whitening products we use in our daily lives.

Activated charcoal can easily pullout impurities such as bacteria, dirt, oil, and dust from the skin pores, giving your skin a fresh and vibrant look. Skin products that use activated bamboo charcoal help you to control and balance oil production on the face.

It helps you to keep your skin moisture levels to optimum levels. It also keeps your skin hydrated, providing you a soft and vibrant skin tone. You will find the use of activated charcoal in hair products as well.

Today, shampoo manufacturing companies are also using activated charcoal products to produce their products. It makes your hair look lighter and more voluminous. 

Activated Bamboo Charcoal – A Natural Air Freshener, Odor Eliminator

Other than its diverse use in the healthcare industry, activated bamboo charcoal is also an eco-friendly substance. It acts as an excellent moisture-adsorbent agent. So if you are looking for a moisture adsorbing solution for your home, a stack of activated bamboo charcoal is the best available option for you to choose.

Activated bamboo charcoal is also used as an odor eliminator and air freshener. It can remove the unpleasant smell from your home surroundings. Being a high adsorbent can effectively adhere to dirt, dust, bacteria, and other harmful microorganisms to itself, providing you a pollution-free home environment.

You can place a stack of activated charcoal anywhere in your house to get rid of bad odors, allergens, bacteria, and harmful pollutants. It is a non-toxic material and entirely safe for pets and children. If you are looking for the best quality activated charcoal in bulk, put your trust on Enviro Supply & Service – One of the most renowned sellers of activated charcoal products in the USA.


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