Smoking has become huge health and also an environmental problem. Individuals tend to smoke a lot of cigarettes are unable to control the number of cigarettes smoked in a particular day. The problem of increased propensity towards smoking can cause serious health hazards like lung cancer, oral ulcers, and many more life-threatening diseases. It is important to quit smoking or lower the number of cigarettes which are being smoked in a day.

However, many people want to quit smoking but are simply unable to do so as quitting smoking results in withdrawal symptoms. It is an easy habit to get into but very tough to get rid of. There are several ways in which one can stop smoking but they need to be determined about it.

The reason for the severity of withdrawal symptoms

It is well known that cigarette contains tobacco which is a habit-forming drug. When individuals continue smoking for a prolonged period, then the body develops dependence towards the consumed drug. Therefore when the intake of that drug is suddenly stopped then the body revolts and pain, irritation, frustration, inability to perform several normal functions occur. These symptoms vary in degree of severity according to the power of the dependence.

The dependence towards a particular drug increases when it is consumed for a prolonged period and in considerably high amounts. For people who indulge in smoking the initial number of cigarettes smoked in a day is quite low but with time, the number of puffs increases and so does the number of cigarettes burned in a day. The withdrawal symptoms are more pronounced for people who follow a chain pattern of smoking. For such individuals quitting smoking becomes a huge challenge. Most chain smokers are aware of the harm that is being done to their body through excessive smoking but are simply unable to quit the habit easily.

The need for knowing about alternatives present in place of smoking

There are several problems posed by smoking. The health issues are already well known but other than that the atmosphere is also polluted with the thick smoke that comes out of burnt tobacco cigarettes. The people who are near a person who is smoking have to bear the brunt of being passive smokers. Other than lung and oral melanoma smoking also affects other metabolic functions of the body and can irritate the eyes. All these environmental and health hazards related to smoking has led to the creation of considerably safer alternatives. These alternatives are being marketed as vaping devices which do not produce smoke and instead produce vapors of nicotine-based liquid or some other vaping liquid.

When a person wants to try out vaping or wishes to curb the urge for excessive smoking, he/she can turn to vape devices.

The person who wants to vape has to know about this alternative in a thorough manner so that safe vaping practices are employed while inhaling the vapors of a particular liquid. The important points regarding vaping devices are discussed below:

  • The construction of a vaping device:

All vaping devices are not constructed in the same manner, and there are prominent differences in the designing of the vaping model. At MYLE one can find a variety of vaping gadgets which are designed in a sleek manner so that it can easily fit into one’s pocket. The pen-shaped vaping devices are very much in vogue, but other models are designed in the shape of a cigar or hookah. The variety is quite broad in range, and so a person can easily find his/her choicest vaping device. Color options are also there to make the model appear eye-catching and browsing online shops will provide a person with an idea of the variously designed e-cigarettes.

  • The e-juice present in the cartridge:

The popularity of the vaping model is not only because it eliminates the formation of tobacco smoke but also due to the reason that the person who is vaping can specifically select a quantity of nicotine that is to be used in the cartridge. This means that the quantity of nicotine present in milligrams will be known to the person and an individual always has the choice to lower the nicotine by selecting a cartridge with a very low quantity of nicotine. It should also be known that vaping e-liquids are not only dependent on nicotine based vaping fluids. The vaping fluid can be made by using a completely non-addictive compound that can be suitably vaped. Flavored liquids without any nicotine can also be used as the e-cartridge when the person is trying to quit using addictive compounds. The flavors are wide-ranging in variety and include mint, chocolate, strawberry and many more. Hence vaping liquids are far safer as the contents of the cartridge can be selected after careful evaluation as compared to smoking where one will burn and inhale tobacco.

  • The quality of the vaping device which is to be used:

Most vaping devices are charged via batteries. In some devices, the batteries can be recharged and so these vaping devices are called rechargeable models. When a person is choosing a vaping gadget, then the safety protocols that are given along with the device has to be strictly followed. The quality of the device should be very good because leaks and bursts can occur in poor quality devices. The multiple online shops that are present for vaping devices should be carefully searched to ascertain the quality of the products. However, if a person does not use the vaping device correctly or doesn’t use proper cartridges in the e-cigarette device, then accidents can occur. Therefore reading through the safety manual before using the vaping device is very important so that no untoward events happen. The rechargeable vaping devices should be charged from a plug point using the adaptor or cable that has been given with the vaping device to avoid loose connections.

Therefore, vaping can be a pleasurable and less harmful experience for most individuals provided that they follow the safety rules given with the vaping device.

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