Amazon seeks to develop its delivery network by increasing the speed of delivery


Amazon has announced improvements in their delivery network following the COVID-19 pandemic. They were able to enhance delivery speeds and decrease costs while also reducing their carbon footprint.

On Saturday, the company announced that they have decreased the delivery time by optimizing their inventory management system and search abilities. They will now display items that are nearest to the customers, which means products will be transported through 12% fewer touchpoints before getting delivered.

Online retailers such as Amazon are trying to lower home delivery and return costs due to the decrease in consumer demand.

The company is taking measures to decrease delivery-related costs in all areas as part of cost-cutting efforts following a period of rapid expansion.

In March of last year, Amazon announced its plan to eliminate 9,000 additional jobs. This brings the total number of jobs eliminated in recent months to 27,000 jobs, which accounts for approximately nine percent of Amazon’s workforce of 300,000 employees. This is a significant change for a company that previously prided itself on creating job opportunities.

The most recent cuts are targeting the cloud computing and advertising departments, which were previously considered too profitable to be affected. However, due to economic concerns, customers are now examining their expenses more closely.

Amazon is cutting jobs as a part of a cost reduction campaign that many major tech companies are implementing due to concerns about a global economic recession.

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