A GPS error led him to prison! An American smuggler arrives at the border police with contraband and a huge sum of money

A GPS error led to an American driver accidentally arriving at the Canadian border, where he was arrested after 181 kilograms of cannabis and more than $600,000 in cash were found inside his car, according to the British newspaper The Independent .

Andrew Tobenberg, 60, ended up crossing the Rainbow Bridge into Canada in Niagara Falls by mistake, according to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

Officials say he was following the instructions of the navigation system, which was programmed to the wrong address. He had to undergo a secondary examination because he did not have his passport with him, at which point the officers allegedly found drugs and cash.

The drugs were vacuum-packed and divided into several boxes, while the cash was stacked in bales and concealed inside a safe, a standard suitcase and a sturdy suitcase.

The RCMP has stated that the packaging pattern reported is similar to the ones which are typically used by drug dealers or money launderers.

Mr. Tobenberg, of Tustin, California, was arrested and charged with a series of drug offenses such as possession and supply of cannabis. In addition to being charged with possession of an amount exceeding $5,000, knowing that the total amount – or part of it – came from the proceeds of crime.

The authorities say that he appeared in an Ontario court earlier this month, and the court decided to remand him. No date has been set for his next appearance in court yet.

“The CBSA is extremely proud of the vigilance shown by our officers as their hard work has a fundamental impact on ensuring the public safety of our borders,” said Geoff Walters of the CBSA.


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