An American was arrested, explosives were found in his suitcase

An American was arrested

On Wednesday, US authorities arrested a Pennsylvania man after he found an “explosive device” hidden in his suitcase as he was heading to Florida.

Authorities accuse Mark Muffley, 40, of possessing explosives at an airport and possessing or attempting to place an explosive device on board a plane.

Prosecutors say the items were found in Muffley’s carry-on luggage Monday at Lehigh Valley International Airport on an Elegant Air flight bound for Orlando Sanford Airport in Florida.

During the examination of the bag, it was found that there was a “package hidden in the lining” and it was covered with wax-like paper, which was found to contain powder compatible with “fireworks” that are used for commercial purposes only, and a fuse was added to it.

The indictment claims that the powder discovered is exceptionally combustible, posing a pervasive threat to both the plane and its passengers.

In the wreckage, law enforcement uncovered a canister of butane gas, a lighter and pipe containing white powder residue along with a drill, as well as electrical circuit breakers.

The indictment reflects that after discovering the suspect’s contraband, airport staff attempted to locate him by publicly calling his name through loudspeakers. Despite their efforts, Muffley was spotted absconding from the premises until he was ultimately tracked down and arrested by FBI last Monday.

Officials said Maffly remains in custody, with his first hearing scheduled for Thursday.

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