In the video, an attack on a woman for theft causes her paralysis

A Texas woman was paralyzed after she was attacked by a person who robbed her in a shopping mall in Houston.

The incident occurred when 44-year-old Nong Truong withdrew money from her bank account when someone followed her to the shopping mall and attacked her.

Surveillance cameras documented the attack on Nong, as the man appeared holding the woman and trying to grab the envelope that contained the money.

When he found resistance from Nong, the man carried her and hit her hard on the ground, only to flee later with the money he stole.

And according to the American “Fox News” network, Nong was paralyzed as a result of damage to the spine as a result of the attack.

It is worth noting that the thief, who has not yet been arrested by the authorities, managed to steal $4,300 that Nong had saved to visit her family residing in Vietnam .


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