For the crime of human trafficking, watch as Andrew Tate, declared a “misogynist,” is apprehended in Romania

Andrew is apprehended in Romania
Andrew is apprehended in Romania

Andrew, an individual who outwardly proclaimed himself as a misogynist alongside his brother Tristan, will now be interrogated by the nation’s organized crime and terrorism investigation force.

According to Reuters, Romanian prosecutors from the Organized Crime Unit declared that Tristan – along with two other suspects- will be detained in Bucharest for a full 24 hours following their properties being raided. It has been revealed that both brothers are under investigation since last April.

Prosecutors declared that the four suspects had created an organized criminal cartel with a goal of employing, accommodating and manipulating women to create pornographic films for specialized websites at a financial cost. “It is assumed that they were aiming to make large sums of money,” prosecutors further added.

The prosecution revealed that investigators had uncovered six female victims of sexual exploitation by the suspects.

A representative for the Tate Group expressed, “We are unable to provide any further information regarding allegations of Andrew and Tristan’s arrest. Nonetheless, they have full esteem for Romanian authorities and will always offer support where possible.”

Andrew Tate made headlines in 2016 when he appeared on the hit reality show Big Brother, and since then has leveraged his notoriety to create a space online. Here, he claims to possess the keys of amassing wealth while also making disparaging remarks towards various social groups.

After countless reports of Tate viciously targeting women and those with mental health issues, the social media outlets “Facebook”, “YouTube” and “TikTok” had no choice but to ban him due to their worries over his influence on millions of devoted followers.

After being prohibited from posting on four significant global social platforms, Andrew Tate – nicknamed “the enemy of women” due to his abusive language encouraging the beating of females – indifferently reacted to the pronouncement.

Who is Andrew Tate?

Andrew Tate, a 35-year old British-American, made his mark internationally as a professional kickboxer and further catapulted to fame after appearing on the UK version of Big Brother 6 years ago. His newfound celebrity status has provided plenty of fodder for Britain’s ever intrusive media.

After the British newspaper, “The Sun,” highlighted a video that depicted Tate striking a woman with a belt – and his defense being that it was done with her consent- he was promptly removed from the program.

In 2017, he declared depression to be “untrue” and boldly asserted that his mental manipulation techniques could cure individuals with such a condition.

On August 26th, a controversial influencer broadcasted live from a private plane on GETTR, an alternative social platform created by former aide of former President Donald Trump. The individual expressed his disregard for any rulings issued against him during the transmission.

During his 3-minute broadcast, he proudly revealed the private swimming pool and double bed on his plane. He concluded that everything was now even better than before, as if he had never experienced rejection at all.

An environmental activist attacks him

It is worth noting that Tate had raised the issue of beating women in various videos, claiming he needed to dominate them. Moreover, he consistently maintained throughout his conversations with viewers that men and women are not equal, even going as far as to suggest that rape victims should take some measure of accountability for their own experience.

In an appalling display of insensitivity, Tate maliciously stated that women were accountable for their own sexual assault and should be treated as male property.

Recently, the young environmental activist, Greta Thunberg, profoundly clapped back to him when he bragged about his 33 cars that boast high emissions. Her response? “Find life” — an expression with a double meaning in English; not only does it imply that their lives are empty and void of purpose but also advises them to find something meaningful which will make a difference.