It is an undebatable fact that technology is evolving every day and is becoming more advanced yet more compact in size. Our smartphones are not only a part of our routines but are essentials to our work and needs. But let’s also face the fact that no matter how advanced, upgraded, and fast processors these devices may include, they can still suffer problems and software glitches. Safe to say that human inventions and innovations are still not error-free. 

Many well-known, reputable smartphone brands such as Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Lenovo, and HTC compete alongside in the market and create their unique selling points in every smartphone variation. However, there can still be some glitches after using even the best phones for some time period. Many offer the best battery time, fastest processor ever, sensor installed camera, a colorful and wide screen display, or even the best touch system, but there still can be problems with the other features of these mobile phones.

While the world still has two opponent populations, the iOS users and the Android users, there are multiple debates on how one is better than the other one. However, this is an ongoing and long debate that can take months to be resolved and is certainly not the topic of this guide. The concept of repair xpress is one that is essential and widely needed in the world. It’s not only time saving, but also budget friendly and extremely accessible. This guide outlines problems that occur in common android processors and that android users face.

Battery Drain

Essential is knowing the fact that technology, when used to its optimum level for a matter of years, can result in slowing down the processor and also downgrading the battery levels. The problem of battery drainage has been a common one and is reported widely among mobile users. The battery can drain increasingly through a limited amount of time or in only a matter of moments. This can also result in higher charging time and lower usage time. One can handily address the problems if not serious, at home. You can always decrease screen brightness, optimizing mobile phone program applications, and also selecting for the battery saver options widely available in android phones.

Overheating of Processor

While these devices work endlessly throughout the day, collecting and transmitting millions of bytes of data through one software to the other, these devices most of the time tend to overheat, which results in slowing down your smartphone. Overheating has also been repeatedly reported over the years, and not much has been done to cater to this issue. Understandable is also the fact the while these innovations become advanced every day, with more complex software comes overheating issues.

However, there are also solutions or steps that can be done to cater to such problems at the ease of your home and within your reach. You can always optimize your phone once you are done using it. Secondly, you can stop using it once it starts to overheat. Most mobiles overheat when they are kept on the charging mode excessively and for overtime. This is not a wise action to do, as you are damaging your phone yourself. Thus, remove the charging cables once your mobile has reached its full battery level and optimize it regularly after your usage.

An Unresponsive Screen

While this problem occurs once in a while, this can be a patience tester for all. While this problem can cause some people to have the idea of throwing their phone against a wall or banging their phone on through the door, this can be an easy fixer, which just requires your patience. An unresponsive screen can result when the internal storage of your smartphone is near to full, or you have not optimized your phone in a long time. Other reasons can include unwanted cookies being installed, tracking files that are not clear to a common man can result in the hanging of the screen, and also downloading too many apps can result in an unresponsive screen. 

However you don’t need to panic once this occurs, you might first want to address this problem by restarting your phone, optimizing it once it restarts. Secondly, you might also want to delete any unknown, duplicate files in your phones to prevent this problem from happening. Next, what you can do is uninstall any unused apps or those you don’t need. This problem surely can be resolved by these techniques that you can do at home without any help from the professional.

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Slow User Interface

This problem is also a common one and takes place when a phone’s internal storage is filled up to the maximum. While the external storage options for iOS is limited, the android external storage option can be catered with a Micro SD card. Once the card is inserted, all files can be stored into it, and the storage space to date offered in these SD cards can be up to 256 GB.

However, even if after using an SD card with higher memory, you still suffer from such a problem, optimize and clear every app’s cache regularly. This technique can be a lifesaver while sitting at home.

This guide can be helpful and agreeing to every android user who faces a problem with any of their smartphone feature and cannot sort it out and also do not want to spend money by using a professionals help. This can come in handy of whatever the conditions may be and what is better than fixing your phone at home!


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