Angelina Jolie accuses Brad Pitt of trying to silence her

FBI releases 164 pages about Brad Pitt abuse

All the secrets of the relationship of the Hollywood actor, Brad Pitt , and his ex-wife, Angelina Jolie , began to gradually unfold after their repeated appearances in court and accusations against each other .

In the latest foreign media revelations on the matter, Page Six reported that Pitt submitted new documents to the court accusing his ex-wife, Jolie, of refusing to sell half of her French vineyard in Miraval Palace, under the pretext of “revenge,” because the custody ruling did not end as expected. I wished.

However, a source close to Jolie confirmed that her decision did not stem from a grudge, explaining that the main reason was Pitt’s attempt to prevent her from speaking out about the abuse he had caused to their children.

According to Jolie’s friend, Pitt refused to finalize the sale of Miraval with Jolie unless she agreed to stay silent about the abuse. He allegedly requested to withhold $8.5 million from the amount he paid her for her charitable causes to make her comply with his demand.

This means that Pitt threatened Jolie with keeping part or all of the $8.5 million if she continued to reveal the events and secrets that took place during their marriage.

A source close to Bayt responded to all of these accusations and allegations, describing them as “misleading”, explaining that Bayt only asked her to sign the Non-Disclosure of Trade Secrets Agreement – NDA – which is a normal procedure followed by any person in the buying and selling process .

It is worth noting that the court accused Pitt of “beating and strangling” a child during a flight in 2016, and later of “pouring beer” on Jolie.

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