Angelina Jolie hired a killer to end her life… but he surprised her with a strange request!

Angelina Jolie hired a killer to end her life

Angelina Jolie’s revelation of her thoughts to hire a murderer, instead of committing suicide in her teen years, took the world by surprise. However, the killer made an unexpected request that left many stunned.

Startling information was exposed in a report, which divulged the degree of depression Angelina

endured at 19 years old and led her to consider suicide. During an interview, she discussed her issues with mental health, saying: “I lived a very happy life but had Post-traumatic stress disorder”. This backdrop resulted in some trying times for the artist that needed managing.

Time to think

The news that Angelina Jolie, with a fortune of over $120 million, had procured the services of an assassin to end her life was reported on Twitter by the “Daily Loud” account. They urged her to reconsider this drastic step and think twice before acting upon it.

He penned: “Angelina Jolie had once sought to employ an assassin for her own murder, believing it would be simpler for her family than if she herself did the deed. However, the killer asked of her that she wait two months before making a final decision.”

In a previous interview, the iconic star clarified: “When it comes to suicide, everyone around you feels guilty for not being able to do something; however with murder no one takes responsibility for those emotions of guilt.”

“I think it would be easier for my family to have someone kill me than to commit suicide,” she said, noting that she had specific plans to slowly withdraw money from her bank account over a period of time so that no one would suspect her.

An assassin-for-hire…and yet, a “decent” individual.

According to Jolie, the man was quite courteous and asked her if she would think it over for a few months before giving him an answer. However, something changed in her life that made her eventually decide to stay.

Angelina’s life was filled with mental health battles, and the fame that surrounded her only further complicated those struggles. To cope, she eventually resorted to drugs as a means of managing stress and pressure. It is important to recognize how difficult it can be for celebrities like Angelina when they are constantly in the public eye.

Propelling past her contemporaries, Jolie became one of the most transparent celebs to discuss difficult topics like mental health issues and suffering. Her astounding courage turned her into a source of inspiration for countless people globally.

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