8 Anti-Child Trafficking Organizations to Pay Attention To

Anti Child Trafficking Organizations

Sex trafficking impacts every corner of the globe. From the impoverished child in a third-world country to the child of affluent parents in America, nobody is immune to falling victim to a sex trafficker. Many anti-child trafficking organizations exist today to help victims of this crime. The following organizations are ones every person should pay attention to.

Operation Underground Railroad

Operation Underground Railroad works to rescue children from sexual exploitation and trafficking. The organization provides victims of these crimes with freedom and healing. It does so through direct intervention and its aftercare programs. This organization works to help victims both nationally and internationally, using an approach that takes into consideration the geographical location and the survivor’s needs. It is one of the most effective child trafficking organizations to donate to.

3 Strands Global Foundation

3 Strands Global Foundation works to educate children on ways to stay safe from human trafficking. However, the organization recognizes this is not enough, as there are many survivors of this crime who need help. The organization now offers programs to help victims find sustainable economic opportunities and assists with transportation to and from work, childcare, and more.

Coalition to Abolish Slavery and Trafficking

When 72 Thai workers were found in a garment factory in El Monte back in 1998, people quickly discovered slavery remains a problem today. Dr. Kathryn MacMahon founded CAST to help these workers and others who are held against their will in either slavery or debt bondage. This non-profit organization helps survivors overcome the violence they endured by providing comprehensive services, managing their cases, and advocating on their behalf.

Center for Combatting Human Trafficking

The Center for Combatting Human Trafficking recognizes the extent of this problem in the world today. It provides training for individuals who may come into contact with victims of human trafficking. The center facilitates research to ensure people have the latest information and works with government officials to develop policies designed to help trafficking victims.

Safe House Project

Many victims of sex trafficking are sold by a family member. The majority are never identified. Those that are located rarely receive aftercare, and this needs to change. Safe House Project works to identify more victims of sex trafficking and to provide those who are identified with the services they need. Safe house programs are one way they do so, as victims need somewhere they can receive holistic care and heal.

The Cupcake Girls

The Cupcake Girls wishes to see a world where there is no sex trafficking. Individuals involved in the sex trade should only work in the industry willingly. Any person involved in this industry through no choice of their own may receive prevention and aftercare through this organization. It advocates on behalf of these individuals, provides referral services, and more.

Project Reach Out

Project Reach Out recognizes the role America plays in sex trafficking today. In fact, this country serves as one of the largest consumers of commercial sex. The goal is to find victims of sex trafficking and help them. To do so, the organization uses technology. When it makes contact with a victim, the team determines what resources are needed to help the victim escape and start on a pathway to recovery.

Male Survivor

People often assume only females are victims of sex trafficking. However, countless males are forced into this industry. The sexual trauma they experience is not their fault, but many males believe it is. The organization works with these victims to help them recover and lead the lives they desire.

No person should be forced to engage in sexual acts against their will. Sadly, countless individuals are made to do this every day. With the help of these child-trafficking organizations, this will hopefully change in the future. Reach out to one or more of the organizations today to help with this goal. Every person deserves to live life as they choose, and these organizations are dedicated to ensuring they can. Any help they receive is appreciated.

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