Apeaksoft iPhone Eraser is the most useful utility to permanently and thoroughly erase all content and settings from iPhone iPad or iPod.

Erase All Data & Make setup on iPhone

The program offers a 100% commitment to safely erase all your iOS devices data (contacts, SMS, account information, photos, browser history, videos, songs, games, downloads, etc.) and settings without any recovery possibilities.

Erase Your iPhone Personal Information

As one of the professional phone data-removing tools, Apeaksoft iPhone Eraser protects its privacy. It provides a 100% promise to safely remove all the data and settings from your device. No personal information will be found after you sell your iPhone. The iPhone Internet protects your privacy and protects personal data from data criminals.

ApeaksoftErase Data Simply

Easily delete data from your iOS device simply and permanently.

Save Privacy

Save your personal information in one click 100%.

Clean & Clear with Anti-Virus

This program completely cleans your iOS with Anti-virus.

Three Erasing Stages of Accessible to Meet Your Needs

This software gives you three-way levels to choose, so that you can remove any data to protect your privacy or to get more device storage. There is no difference whether you want to remove hidden data and files, or just re-order phone settings; you can choose one of the three levels based on your needs.

Low level: Eliminate data faster than maximum time, which can save you too many data files.

Medium Level: No trace is completely restored; delete the tool twice with all the data. Nobody knows the data will be erased on your device.

High level: Writing more than three times, delete data well with data, which is the safest and most basic way to start your device with a clean slate?

How to Clear the Trash Your iPhone

You may already know that if you need to free up the storage space on Mac, that how to empty trash on iPhone? Y

You should first check your trash box. We are accustomed to clean trash box in Mac only one click. But have you ever got a trash on your iPhone?

In fact, not all your photos, apps, documents, and any general trash for this. But there are three applications where you can find the trash and remove the trash on the iPhone. In this post, you will find out how to clear the trash on the iPhone and how to do it.

Most Effective Space iPhone

Due to its everyday use of iPhone, much information including the trunk is being protected. Over time, the phone storage space is complete. If you want to prevent old and unavailable files from your iPhone, you should get rid of them regularly how to empty trash on iPhone. There are several ways to free up storage and remove files from the iPhone trash. Here are three:

  • Recently Delete Photos on iPhone.
  • Empty the Trash in your iPhone Email.
  • Remove Recently Deleted Notification on iPhone.

Recently Delete Photos from iPhone

As we try to capture every moment of our lives through the Camera App, the iPhone Photos app saves thousands of files on your device. Even the same video can also be taken 1GB. Therefore, when you want to free space on your iPhone, you can start searching for photos and videos and delete old and unnecessary files.

Empty the Trash in your iPhone Email.

Checking your iPhone email box which mail history take space of your mobile. Please clear your email trash box.

Remove Recently Deleted Notification on iPhone.

Our Note app currently includes not only text but images, videos, scans and profiles. Therefore, over time they can also store a lot of storage space on your iPhone. Delete unnecessary notes, especially with people associated with it.