When there are already so many physical therapy clinics, what makes Apollo stand out is the easy record maintenance of the patients and their diagnosis along with billing. The use of physical therapy billing software ensures minimal errors and the EMR ones are really effective in keeping a proper track record of the progress of the patient.

Updated data to improve management

Handwritten errors in diagnosis and medicinal prescription are common, on the contrary, Apollo utilizes electronic medical records that are not only safer but also more reliable. This software stores updated information including past experiences and progress on the patient’s case. In return, this has substantially increased the interaction between therapist and patients, thus assisting them to maintain a better result management system. EMR usage has resulted in fewer delays with thoughtful use of Apollo software designed to meet numerous PT practices of your company.

Technological development in record maintenance

Electronic medical record basically does the work of storing statistics about patients. Their usage over time has drastically reduced the mistakes while exchanging patients’ health information. In Apollo with physical therapy EMR, the number of patients attended every day has tremendously increased. It is seamlessly easy to transfer the data from one department to another as some patient may need the assistance of more than one department.

Total assurance to the patient

This software enhances transparency and entirely abolishes unethical acts used by some of the institutions to charge the patients wrongly, as the invoices can directly reach them. The automated invoicing keeps everything confusion free as there are simple templates meant for individualistic needs. Once data has been entered it can either be sent to patients or saved as pdf. This feature of Apollo management guarantees customers a very hassle-free experience.

The better way of billing

PT billing software, not only increases the convenience for the patients but also adds to the productivity of the administrative staff. The number of people involved in the procedure gets reduced to a substantial extent and so does the staff that you have to pay. Dealing with data on this large scale has got much easier with this software. The cloud-based billing is way too faster and efficient than the manual billing process. These allow the instant update on the existing bills and the chances of mathematical errors are subsequently minimized.

Seamless access due to cloud

The maintenance of manual record is a remarkably tedious task. When using this software, there is no fear of losing any record and you dodge a lot of paper piles around yourself. Hence, cutting down paperwork and its cost. Moreover, when we store it on the cloud, it can be fetched anytime as any patient’s queries should be entertained as early as possible. The demographics of the patients are stored well for any future reference.
Apollo billing software has been designed in a way to pay off the claims faster with minimum rejection and cutting probabilities. All in all, workflow and productivity enhance many folds.

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