There are numerous brands of water systems out there on the market, and there has been numerous types that claim to give you the cleanest water, but not very many water filtration systems are advanced, or even as growing in popularity as AquaOx. Though they have been around since 2007, and has grown immensely over the years. Because of this, AquaOx is rated one of the best water filtration systems in 2019.

What does The Filter Do?

AquaOx’s 2019 whole house water filter uses a special 7-layer technology to bring you the ultimate filtering device on the planet. These home water filtration systems can completely detoxify and enhance your water’s quality with extreme measures that clean and even help to sanitize your water. From harmful bacteria which is popularly existent, all the way to sediment that is both in well water, as well as in our everyday treated tap water from water processing facilities (both rural and urban areas are known to constantly have issues with this), your water can be clearer and cleaner so you have the best pure water that you could have.

Is AquaOx for Drinking Water?

While most water systems are primarily for one type of water system (such as your kitchen and tap water), others are utilized primarily only for bathroom use (such as using in sinks and showers). With AquaOx, proper installation of one water filtration system can actually clean the water in your entire house. It would literally take an entire page worth of information to show all of the elements and bacteria that AquaOx can remove from your water, so you simply need to go to their website, as they list many of them there.

What Can Clean Water Do?

We all need water to survive. It’s a well-known fact that our bodies are made up of water. When you smell things such as sulfuric smells (like rotten eggs), chlorine (you can often smell chlorine very strongly in city water supplies), as well as other contaminates and minerals, some of which they use to “treat” our water and sanitize it. These harmful ingredients over time have been known to cause problems such as cancer, stripping fluoride from our teeth, or even making us actually sick with bacteria and viruses. Even eczema can be treated by having a clean water supply and is easier to manage. There are also risks of harmful metals that can be potentially fatal, and you should be able to protect your family by knowing your water is clean and safe.

Why Filter our Water?

If you’ve ever noticed a big difference between your water, and bottled water, you can often tell the difference immediately. This is because bottled water (even if it is just tap water from some companies) is filtered numerous times to ensure that it’s pure and clean before any added electrolytes or minerals can be used to treat it. This reason alone leads to “spring water” being as close to pure water as possible. Natural spring water is actually very clean in most cases, and you can see results of this when you purify your water with the AquaOx filtering system.

Conclusion: How do I Buy It?

You can actually rent to own an AquaOx system and get up to 6 months to pay it off with PayPal Credit as their primary financer of the AquaOx filters. Other than that, they do accept all major credit cards, as well as PayPal and PayPal Express in order to purchase their products, which is a big plus, because there are sites that don’t even offer to do this. Another great thing is that when you go to order your AquaOx system, you can pick numerous addons, and you can even get a reverse osmosis system. They even have a disinfection filter you can add onto your filtration system, which can kill up to 99.99% of bacteria.