The arrest of the “Teacher of the Year” in America for having sex with a 16-year-old student

arrest of the Teacher of the Year

6 years ago, they chose her as “Teacher of the Year” at Yucaipa High School, where she has been working since 2013, in Yucaipa, California, and an hour before midnight last Thursday, the police knocked on her door and arrested her on charges of the worst and worst, which is her seduction of a student in her class, barely 16 years old, cohabiting with him.

Several US media outlets, including Fox News TV, reported that the local authorities believe there are other victims of the 38-year-old math teacher Tracy Vanderhulst, who we see in a video below, dating back 7 years ago.

The police had transferred the teacher, Tracy, to the “Central Detention Center” in San Bernardino County, where she was released yesterday, Saturday, on a bail of $30,000, according to what the Conan Daily newspaper mentioned in it, that her school had previously described her as “Nice and innovative, we hope to raise our children in her hands,” on her Facebook platform, and that her annual salary, in 2020, was more than $ 109,000.

As for the student whom she seduced and lured to where she secretly slept with him repeatedly, before he revealed his affair to his family, the authorities prevented the publication of his name, or the number of times the teacher singled him out if she was known, until the investigation was over.

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