There is a popular demand for users to convert DVD videos to their preferred formats and play them on their portable mobile devices for offline enjoyment. But how to find a free method to play DVD videos on various portable devices without access to DVD playback support? Maybe you can ask a DVD ripping software for help.

Possible reasons to convert DVD videos are not far to seek. Keeping classic videos eternal is the desire of all people. To stop favorite videos from damaging in a DVD disc by repeated playback, video lovers prefer to make a back copy of the videos. Then influenced by the development of science and technology, playing videos on portable devices like mobile phones has become a new trend for pleasure or for work. So it is necessary to convert DVD videos to portable devices for free.

The Responsibility of A DVD Ripping Software

No matter what kind of DVD Ripping software you are going to choose, when you ask it to rip and convert your DVD videos, the expert will spare no efforts to analyze your source DVD, encode and decode it to give you the target video.

Functions Expected from A DVD Ripping Software

Choosing a satisfactory and free DVD ripping software is foremost for users, since good ripping software can help them find answers to their problems in video ripping and conversion. Considering the increasing demands of users, a wide range of companies spend more efforts improving their products to gain competitive advantages over their rivals. Among those software, DVDFab DVD Ripper compatible with Windows or Mac distinguishes itself from others in the following functions.

Input source supported

When you start the journey of ripping DVD videos, you need to locate your DVD files first either in a DVD disc or in a DVD ISO/ Folder. Sometimes for DVD discs, you may hold such concern that your DVD disc is too old or scratched to be played. Don’t worry, all new, old and damaged DVD discs can be easily read by this free software.

Distinguish 99-title DVD

In some cases, it is annoying to rip a 99-title DVD, since you cannot recognize which part is the main video with so many files using the same name. With the help of DVDFab DVD Ripper, the main film will be clearly shown in front of your eyes.

Output formats and devices supported

New generations of portable devices flood into our life at a fast speed, which makes mainstream video and audio formats rich and useful. To make ripped videos available on all devices with the correspondingly supported formats, there are considerable format and device choices for you if you choose this free software.

DVD Ripping Software
Convert DVD Videos

High-speed Ripping and conversion

Equipped with multi-core CPUs, the newest NVIDIA CUDA and Intel Quick Sync, the ripping and conversion process in this free software is greatly accelerated. You will find it easy to rip and convert your DVD videos.

Batch ripping and conversion with metadata

It won’t take you too much time to rip and convert your DVD videos, since DVDFab DVD Ripper supports batch ripping and conversion. You can add as many DVD videos as possible to finish ripping them at one time. Simultaneously, the converted videos will keep the same as the source videos, making it convenient for play.

conversion with metadata

Video Editing

How about designing your own DVD videos for output based on your individual preference? It must be cool. Now, you are allowed to add text, image, subtitle to your converted video, crop your video or trim it, zoom in or zoom out it, and adjust the distance to edge to make your video easy for watching.

Video Editing

Video archiving and sharing

Where are you going to save your ripped and converted DVD videos? There are three choices for you at the bottom of this interface. Click the “little triangle” to save this file to your mobile device, DVDFab Movie Server or a preferred location. Click the “folder icon” to create a new output directory to save your converted videos. If you want to share converted videos to social networks featuring YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook, click the “global icon”.

Video archiving and sharing

It is lucky to find such a free but powerful assistant in video ripping and conversion. Hurry up and try this DVD ripper software. More surprises are waiting for you, making your DVD videos perfectly transferred to your mobile devices like Apple, Android or others.


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