ATV Financing – What to Consider When Weighing Up Your Options

Not all of us have thousands of pounds lying around that we can use to purchase a brand-new quad bike. But that doesn’t mean we can’t afford to get the latest ATV. Although most of us would prefer to pay in cash when buying a new model, it isn’t always possible. There are many ways to get your hands on the newest ATV without paying a lump sum to do so. This article provides useful tips to ensure you don’t get ripped off. 

Make A Good Deal

Just because you need finance to pay for a new quad bike doesn’t mean you should take whatever loan deal is on offer. If you have a good job and you don’t have bad credit history, you still hold all the cards when applying for a loan. Money lenders want to give out loans to people with a good track record and if you’re one of them, they’ll welcome you with open arms. Although the lender is there to make money, you can still get a good deal before you sign any contract.

Be Flexible 

If you want to find a Yamaha Raptor finance UK buyers trust, there are many avenues you can follow. The most popular way to finance a new quad bike is to go through the dealership. They generally work with a range of lending partners, so they should be able to secure a good deal. Saying that, it is unlikely you’ll have the exact deal you are looking for. There are certain things that are out of your control and you must be flexible when agreeing to a contract.

If you opt to buy a new ATV, you will get a better deal from the lending company. A used ATV is less likely to last the length of the loan agreement which means the interest rate will be higher.

Get It Straight From The Beginning

Automobile loan contracts can be confusing, even to people who work in finance. The time to ask questions about a loan contract is not when the first payment is due, but before you put pen to paper on a loan contract. When you are sitting with the person who makes the decisions, go over the details of the loan and make sure you understand everything. If you don’t understand the terms of the agreement, keep asking questions until you do.  

Check The Contract 

A salesperson can offer you all sorts of incentives to take a loan, but you must have them in the written contract, or they simply don’t exist. If the salesperson or finance person offers you something out of the ordinary, don’t just take their word for it. If it hasn’t been written in the contract, you’d hope they’d honour their word, but this isn’t always the case.

There are many ways to get funds to purchase an ATV. If you don’t have large amounts of cash lying around, your best option is to look for finance. Although going through the dealership is usually the most convenient, you should also consider a personal loan, commercial vehicle loan or a customer vehicle loan, depending on your circumstance. 


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