Not many of us think about car prevention until it happens to any of us. Have a look at this report: in every 40 seconds in the United States, a vehicle is stolen, with only 52% of them are recovered.

If you want to avoid your car being caught the prey eyes, have a look at these tips: 

Where’re your keys:

Do you keep a check on your car keys? If not, start doing! People often make the mistake of hiding the car’s spare key in the car or under the wheel-well. However, the problem is that thieves have caught on to this trick.

Further, getting locked out of the car is dreaded, but it’s nothing more as compared to the situation if your car gets stolen. So, if you have spare car keys, put them safely so that only you can have its accessibility. If you have given the spare keys to someone, ask for it back once used. Also, avoid mistakes like keeping the windows and sunroof open, parking in a too dark area and leaving your car with the ignition.

Get car insurance:

Getting very cheap car insurance will give you peace of mind that your vehicle is safe. And if anything goes wrong, the insurance company will pay all charges.

Park appropriately:

Parking intelligently in the well-lit area will keep criminals at bay. Also, keeping your vehicle close to the parking lot, security cameras as well as close to the building will add an extra layer of protection. In addition, garages are also considered as the safest place to ensure your vehicle is safe and sound. But, isolated garages can put your personal safety at stake.

Don’t keep your valuable things in the car:

Your valuable items like an iPad or your purse, are eye-candy to the criminals. And sometimes, even a loose change is enough for criminals to break in. Also, once the window is smashed, they might take your car. If you have to leave anything valuable in the car, put it in the trunk or under the sear. But, if not necessary, leave your valuable items at home.

Use physical anti-theft device:

Many insurance companies offer discounts for vehicles that are installed with an anti-theft device. This is also because these devices go a long way in car theft prevention. Physical anti-theft devices are packed with vehicle immobilizer system, which prevents thieves from hampering or hotwiring your car.

An alarm is not enough:

If your car ever gets stolen, you can get it back with ease. How? Installing a GPS locator or tracker! GPS will help the police find your vehicle with ease. You can also install a vehicle immobilizer system like smart key or fuel cut-off system for added security.

Get vehicle identification number etched on the car:

Getting your vehicle identification number etched on car windows can be another deterrent for criminals. Since the etched number can’t be wipe or scraped off, thefts would have to replace all windows. This would require more money and effort, and could make your vehicle worth troubling.

 Don’t leave your car running:

Most of the auto-thefts could have been avoided if the owners to precautions like turning off the car ignition when not using. Let’s consider the incident, you have started your car in the morning, and you suddenly head back home, with the car ignition on, to sip your coffee. But, you come back and find your car missing! Well, most of the vehicle theft occurs near the car owner’s residence. So, keep your vehicle off and don’t forget to take away keys.

 Car theft is a situation, for which no one is completely ready for. However, the above tips will help you stay alarmed and prepared so that you can easily avoid such situations.!


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