Though Christmas is a time of celebration, it can also be highly stressful. So, in the interests of your health and sanity, maybe its time to treat yourself to a gift chosen by the one person who knows you best – you! Check out the suggestions below to get yourself in the self-care spirit.

1. A new style

Whether you go for a fresh hair color, a bold new outfit, or a cheeky trip to a teeth whitening clinic, reinventing your look is one of the best gifts you can give yourself. And if you need an excuse to indulge in a little makeover, let the stress of Christmas be it. Nothing fortifies you against the endless onslaught of obligations better than feeling confident in how you look. When you alter your outward appearance, your self-perception and self-confidence will also get a nice little boost.

2. An arsenal of reusable and biodegradable awesomeness

Head into the new year feeling good about yourself by stocking up on reusable versions of disposable items. If you’re a coffee fiend, get yourself a reusable coffee cup. While you’re at it, some cute reusable shopping bags are an environmentally responsible option. Stock up on biodegradable garbage bags, plastic wrap, dental floss, and more. You’d be surprised at how much fun this mission can be. Each new sustainable swap you find will trigger a rewarding little dopamine release, making this a gift that keeps on giving – to you and the planet we all call home.

3. Plantlife

Whether you live on a sprawling property or in a tiny apartment, there’s always a way to bring some greenery into your life. Investing in some indoor plants will set you up for a fantastic new year as they have been proven to boost your mood, reduce stress and fatigue, and offer a host of other health benefits. Just be sure to select a variety that can thrive indoors, and get instructions from the staff at your local nursery on how to care for your new plant baby.

4. A healthy new you

If you’re going to treat yourself this holiday season, why not go with a healthy option instead of cycling through the same yearly ritual of eating and drinking too much? Whether it’s the personal trainer you’ve been wanting to sign up for all year, yoga classes, an indulgent spa day, or a new set of hiking boots, a healthy gift to yourself is the best way to splurge without feeling guilty.

5. Updated kitchenware

You never realize just how much your outdated cookware set or blunt knives were holding you back until you’ve got a shiny new set. If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to eat healthier, then set yourself up for success by investing in some new Stainless Steel Cookware, knives, and utensils. You’ll be far more likely to eat your vegetables if your knife cuts through them like a dream. Additionally, your home-cooked meals will be much healthier if you can prepare them in a quality non-stick pan that doesn’t require bucket loads of oil to keep the food from sticking to the bottom! The holidays are a time for generosity and kindness. And while it’s important to direct these qualities out into the world by sharing with your friends, family, and those less fortunate than you, there’s no rule that says you can’t make an appearance on your own Christmas list. Take your inspiration from the suggestions above, and treat yourself to a nourishing gift this Christmas; one that will keep giving back to you all throughout the year.

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