Backstreet Boys’ Nick Carter accused of raping woman after two decades concert

Backstreet Boys Nick Carter accused of raping woman after two decades concert
Nick Carter, a member of the American band Backstreet Boys

After two decades, Nick Carter of the celebrated American band “Backstreet Boys” is being accused of rape by a devoted admirer.

At a press conference in California with her defense attorney, Shannon Roth declared that she was suing the singer for committing rape against her when she was 17 years old at a Tacoma, Washington concert in 2001.

Strange juice then crime

In tears, the 39-year-old woman – who is living with autism and cerebral palsy – stated that Nick Carter had inflicted more harm upon her than anything she has ever experienced before.

Her lawyer, Mark Boskovitch, confirmed that the encounter originated back in 2001 when the star offered her a “strange-tasting” beverage dubbed ‘VIP juice’ after she requested his autograph. Additionally, her defense attorney declared that following her ingestion of this drink he took her to the bus restroom and demanded inappropriate acts from her.

Boskovitch explained that the teenage girl at the time was crying all the time while the singer continued his assault on her, noting that Carter threw her on the bed at the back of the bus and raped her despite her attempt to push him off.

Other accusations

It’s significant that Ruth filed her civil lawsuit in Las Vegas, Nevada- the same area where she and the singer reside.

She is demanding financial recompense, though the specifics of her request have yet to be made public. Furthermore, this particular suit has been bolstered by testimony from three other female accusers who allege that they were sexually assaulted by the singer; despite their involvement in the legal proceedings however, these women wish for their identities to remain anonymous.

Nevertheless, no lawsuits have been filed against Nick Carter in his personal capacity. Back in 2017, American singer Melissa Schumann levvied serious allegations of rape against the famous vocalist who has adamantly denied any wrongdoing; yet due to the expiration of legal time limits this case was not completed.